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20 June 2015

Dead Moon Walking

Hartbeat! #11, 1990.

Dead Moon – Walking on My Grave
La Secta – Sweat Browny

Dead Moon – Clouds of Dawn 7” EP, Subway Records SuB92/10, 1992 
(included in "Medicine & Therapy" 'zine).

Side 1 –
Unknown Passage
Kicked Out – Kicked In

Side 2 –
A Miss of You
Clouds of Dawn

Dead Moon – Day After Day / It’s Okay 7”, Tombstone Records T52, 1993.

Side A –
Day After Day

Side B –
It’s Okay

Dead Moon – Ricochet / Running Out of Time, Sympathy for the Record Industry 
SFTRI276, 1994.

Side A –

Side B –
Running Out of Time

Meet you on the Dead side of the Moon,


  1. nathan the encypts are missing. or am i too early

  2. No decryption codes necessary here. I was trying to be more direct.

  3. weird the third time i tried dead moon it was fine. the first 2 times it said it needed code.