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14 June 2015

If You Don’t Know Why, Then Bye-bye

UPDATE: After posting this I saw Ornette Coleman: Last Word over at Jazz World. Check it Out.

Recipient of both the Miles Davis Award & Lifetime Achievement Grammy,
 Ornette Coleman tried to liberate one of the freest yet most restrictive musickal forms.
The Shape of Jazz to Come.
For this he is...

Ornette Coleman – The Empty Foxhole, Blue Note BST84246, 1968.
all decryption codes in comments

Side 1 –
Good Old Days
The Empty Foxhole
Sound Gravitation

Side 2 –
Freeway Express
Zig Zag

Ornette Coleman – Of Human Feelings, Antilles AN2001, 1982.

Side 1 –
Sleep Talk
Jump Street
Him & Her
Air Ship

Side 2 –
What is the Name of that Song?
Job Mob
Love Words
Times Square

RIP Freedom Fighter,

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  1. Empty Foxhole
    Of Human Feelings