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25 June 2015

The Botanical Roots of the Brotherhood of Dub

If you haven’t been reading The Brotherhood of Dub story cycle over at Siblingshot on the Bleachers blog, then you've really been missing out on something spectacular. Get your asses over there now & start reading "fucking felled by torpor" & work your way up to the top.

After I quoted some Black Uhuru lyrics from "Anthem", Ib replied that he had never really listened to Anthem what with the Grammy prize for a whitewashed version (Island remixed the album for US & UK release because they perceived the original version released in 83 in Jamaica would not sit well with whiter ears & this remixed version in fact won the Grammy). He said he would like to hear the original version. I’ll comment on that elsewhere.

Here is my contribution & source of my inspiration (if not my quote). Unreleased until 2004 in a special 4CD set, Dub Uhuru.

Black Uhuru – Anthem (original Dub), Island Records, 2004.
decryption codes & such in comments

All track previously unreleased.

Tracklist –
What is Life (Dub mix)
Try It  (Dub mix)
Black Uhuru Anthem (Dub mix)
Botanical Roots (Dub mix)
Somebody’s Watching You (Dub mix)
Bull in the Pen (Dub mix)
Elements (Dub mix)

Down with the Ministry,


  1. Anthem Dub
    Anthem original mix

  2. May the Brotherhood prevail.

  3. Hey Nathan how you doing? Love some of the dub you've been offering. Email me, I have some more you will like - but I'm not sure if you already have it.

    1. Great hearing from you, brother. Sent you an email. Hope it is coherent. I was just solar toking.

  4. Thank you so much - Black Uhuru has been some of my favorites since way back.
    FYI - a new set of music realated (Sly & Robbie, especially) has been released - covering Serge Gainsbourg with the music he released around 1980. Very good stuff, I must admit - all on 3 CD's.
    French, though - but doesn't matter.

  5. Thank you !!!!!!

  6. very nice job and thank you for tha information man