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28 June 2015

Rudi Don't Fail - The World's Oldest Teenager

Rudi Action Protrudi was born in Washington D.C. but like myself, he spent his formative years in the heart of Pennsylvania. At the age of 12, after seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, rock 'n' roll became his life. By the age of 14 Rudi had formed his first band, King Arthur's Quart.

He continued to play in local PA bands until 1976 when an audition for the Dead Boys provided him the opportunity to play bass with them at CBGBs. Although Rudi never became a Dead Boy, the New York experience led him to start a new band, Tina Peel with then girlfriend/live-in partner, Deb O'Nair. They moved to New York in 1977 & there their serious music careers started.

Tina Peel – More Than Just Good Looks 7", Limp Records Limp002, 1978.
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Side A –
Pyjama Party
Punk Rock Janitor

Side B –
Girl Talk
Fabian Lips

Here Tina Peel is: Rudi Protrudi – lead vocals & guitar; Deb O'Nair – vocals & organ; Rowdy Doody -  vocals & bass; & Jackson Plug – drums.

Rudi has said that Tina Peel was heavily influenced by The Monkees, Cryan' Shames, 1910 Fruitgum Company, & the Dave Clark 5. It was also the first band that Rudi assumed the role of frontman. Tina Peel became a popular NYC attraction headlining the major clubs of the time (Hurrah, Irving Plaza, Ritz, CBGBs), as well as appearing on several television shows including the cult favorite The Uncle Floyd Show. Although the band was courted by several major labels, they broke up when Rudi & Deb O'Nair formed The Fuzztones in 1980.

The Fuzztones' first studio LP Lysergic Emanations was released in 1985 & was a gold record hit.

The band previously released a live album with the legendary Screamin' Jay Hawkins in 1984.

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins & the Fuzztones – Live 12” mini-album,
Midnight Records MIRLP114, 1984.

Side 1 –
Alligator Wine
I Put a Spell on You

Side 2 –
It’s That Time Again
Constipation Blues

Musicians: Screamin' Jay Hawkins – vocals & piano; Rudi Protrudi – guitar & harmonica; Elan Portnoy – guitar; Deb O’Nair – organ; Michael Jay – bass; & Ira Elliot – drums.

The Fuzztones – Nine Months Later 12" EP, Music Maniac Records MM013, 1988.

Side 1 –
Nine Months Later
Girl, You Captivate Me

Side 2 –
Cheyenne Rider
The Greatest Lover in the World

Here The Fuzztones are: Rudi Protrudi – lead vocals, harmonica, & lead guitar; Jordan Tarlow – guitar; Jason Savall – organ; John Carlucci – bass; & ‘Mad’ Mike Czekaj – vocals & drums.

Another Rudi project, Link Protrudi & the Jaymen was set up as a tribute to Link Wray & the Raymen. This instrumental combo covered Link Wray classics like "Mr. Guitar", "Rumble", "Jack the Ripper", & "Rawhide" while contributing Link approved tunes like "Chicken Choke", "Avalanche", "Backfire", & "Psyclone".

Link Protrudi & the Jaymen – Drive it Home!, Music Maniac Records MM009, 1987.

Side One –
Chicken Choke
The Stroll
Mr. Guitar
No Stopping

Side Two –
Hanky Panky

Link Protrudi & the Jaymen are: Rudi 'Link' Protrudi – guitar; Michael Jay – bass; & 'Mad' Mike Czekaj – drums with Gordon Spaeth & Jon Weiss – saxophone & DebNair & Wendy Wild – percussion & yelps.

Rudi has also had a fertile solo career. His solo releases are more country than garage fuzz.

Rudi Protrudi – It’s a White Trash Thing, Music Maniac Records MMCD069, 1993.

 Tracklist –

L.S.D. Made a Wreck of Me
Fist City (Loretta Lynn cover)
Hotter Than She’s Ever Been
The First Mrs. Jones
Funnel of Love (Wanda Jackson cover)
Uncle Eef
Red Georgia Clay
(It’s a) White Trash Thing
Don’t Shake Hands with the Devil
Bedsprings & Wedding Rings
Stalking After Midnight
Cold Hard Facts of Life (Porter Wagoner cover)
Slow Ridin’
Train to Satanville
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

White Trash: Rudi Protrudi – lead vocals & guitar, organ, piano, & bass; Florida Slim – backing vocals & spoken intro ("Uncle Eef"), guitar & acoustic guitar; Chaz Smith – steel pedal guitar; Steve Neal – upright bass; Byron Reynolds – drums.

Tracklist –
Bad News Travels Fast
Johnson in Headlock
Gotta Get Some
Ward 81
Jack the Ripper
Action Speaks Louder Than Words
Highway 69
13 Women
Be a Caveman
In Heat
Brand New Man
She's Wicked

Rudi Protrudi with Lana Loveland featuring The Sextress is a CD tribute to The Fuzztones including 14 tracks from the IN SEX WE FUZZ European tour. Limited to 250 copies, sold out.

Here's a bonus groove from Lana w/ Rudi...

Lana Loveland – Order to Love, Groovie Records GROO0028LP, 2011.

Side A –
Black Glove
Missing Illusions
Theater of Dreams
Nervous People

Side B –
Missing Link
Silence Everywhere
Constant Furs

Lana Loveland - vocals & organ (as Jojo B.); Lenny Svilar – guitar;  Rudi Protrudi -  bass (as Slowey Thomsen); & Alex Tenas – drums (as Captain Schmidt).

Fuzz On,

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