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09 June 2015

Echoes of the Forest

During the Musick around the World journey, while in Central African Republic, I posted up some Ba-Benjellé  Pygmie traditional music recorded by amateur musicologist Louis Sarno. I mentioned two books on the Ellipsis Arts label that contained CDs of more of this music: Echoes of the Forest: Music of the Central African Pygmies & Bayaka: The Extraordinary Music of the Ba-Benjellé Pygmies. Regular NSS visitor, commenter, & fellow Bay Arean roberth queried back in April if I had either. I have Echoes but it took me until now to find it. My books are filed even worse than my vinyl.

Well, Rocket Horton – King of Appliances, this one’s for you.

This collection, which calls attention to a people currently engaged in a battle against extinction, preserves forever the rarely heard & surprisingly accessible rhythms of the songs of the Ba-Benjellé Pygmies.

This CD is packaged in a beautiful 64 page full color hard-cover book filled with pictures, cultural information, poems, musical insight & conversations with outsiders who have lived with these people & recorded their music. I am sad to say that the company that originally put this out is no longer in business & this project is out of print. I have included scans of the book itself.

The 18 tracks on the CD were recorded between the 50s to the 90s by Colin Turnbull, Jean-Pierre Hallet, & Louis Sarno.

For the Pygmies of the Ituri rainforest in Central Africa, music is as much a part of their lives as waking, eating, & breathing; their vocal-based music resonating in exquisite harmony with the environment. Through the eyes & ears of these three extraordinary men, Echoes of the Forest reveals an intimate portrait of perhaps the most culturally musical people on earth.

Colin Turnbull's anthropological work in the late 50s through the 60s revolutionized Western thinking about Pygmy culture. His field notes & recordings of Pygmy music are among the first & the finest.

Jean-Pierre Hallet grew up at the edge of the Ituri & was befriended by the Efe Pygmies as a child. Through The Pygmy Fund, he has helped them stand firm against forces encroaching upon their forest homeland.

New Jersey native Louis Sarno heard a Pygmy song on the radio & his life changed forever. A one-way ticket took him to Central Africa where some thirty years later, he still lives & records.

In his own words:

"They wanted to show me more than they usually show outsiders. In exchange, they demanded I give my life...I think it is a fair exchange."

Echoes of the Forest: Music of the Central African Pygmies, Ellipsis Arts 4020, 1995.
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Tracklist –
Men's Elephant - Hunting Song
Girls' Echo Song
Peipa (Girl's Initiation)
Honey-Gathering Song
Women's Wedding Song
Net-Hunting Song
Bow-Harp & Vocal
Ikobi (Gathering Song-version 1)
Ikobi (version 2)
One-string Violin
Lote (notched flute)
Sanza (plucked Idiophone, or 'thumb piano')
Birth Celebration
Ejengi Ceremony
Makuse (Music to bring luck to a hunting camp)



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  2. as General Electric i rocket approve this wonderful post. thank you so much. even the appliance cover. thanks robert

  3. Thank you very much, great post, also the scanned booklet is much appreciated!

  4. some years ago when i was programming a music festival in Canada, i had the opportunity to present some of these people while spending a week together. i completely agree that they are among the most musical people on earth, as well as the most kind and gentle i have ever met. thank-you so much for the chance to hear some of this captivating music again.

    1. Thank you for your personable & personal comment. It is vital we all stay in touch with our humanity through sharing what we can with each other. I am so proud to be able to post up some music that touches your personal life that in turn touched the lives of the Ba-Benjellé who created this very music. & round & round she spins. The record, the world, the music keeps playing, it soothes our savage breast. As I said above, it had been several years I had been wanting to post this up but was having no luck until know finding my copy. Now your kind words makes the wait seem less... Thank you again & peace.

    2. this post just keeps getting better. nathan if everyone had your heart the world
      would be much better than it currently finds itself. thanks again for hosting this blog.

  5. Hi, I would love the pdf of the booklet and the music if possible. Thanks for posting this. I am a enthusiastic collector of pygmy music.

  6. I included scans of the booklet with the music download. If tey're .jpeg, just convert them.