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14 May 2016

Didn’t Forget the Dub, Just Had to Disassemble It

Just received word from Google, DMCA, & pdxindubting that the Pale Rider material is available from http://pdxindub.com/. I have removed the violating links.

I’ve been wanting to post up Phase Selector Sound for some time, but then I thought…just one album (& one single) & then ??? So I thought I’d include a bit of Craig Allen’s post PSS output as Pale Rider.

In 1999 Disassemble Dub sprang forth from Nashville, TN. From the minds & musical instruments of: Craig Allen – bass; & Joshua Elrod – drums. Recorded between August 1996 & April 199 at Brent’s Forest Park & 14' 7" by 8' Studios in Nashville. Dedicated to Horace Swaby, better known around these parts as Augustus Pablo.

Phase Selector Sound – Disassemble Dub, ROIR RUSDD8254, 1999.
decryption code in comments
Tracklist –

MSP 2004
Sci Fi Dub
Ik Pryr
Lefty’s Choice
Factory Preset
Subpart J
Honey Dub
Jackson Park
Moving Coil
Halo & Snake

Phase Selector Sound released a 7" 45 in 2003 & that’s all, folks.

Side A –
the Sound of Tblclths

Side AA –
Sound of an Aquarium

After PSS, Craig Allen went on to perform under the moniker of Pale Rider.

Listen keenly,


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  2. Another awesome block of Dub, thanks. Out of curiosity, which era of Dub do you prefer? I'm probably in the minority but I dig the Dub sound of the 90's and early 00's.

    1. Being a Dub fan addict (we of The Brotherhood of Dub), I seem to be able to enjoy Dubwise across the time spectrum. But out of your curiosity (it killed the Cat), I guess I prefer the 80s (both in JA [Tubby & Scratch, & Bunny] & UK [Adrian's On-U crew that grew]) but that kinda died when they killed The Tubby King.

      Last June 21, I posted up Crank Up the Hi-Fi...It's Dub Time which was a set of five CDs from 99 - 03 that I hold in high regard.

      Thanks for the query. Hope I answered somewhat coherently.

    2. (SITH) Trooper of ROG

      Phase Selector did release a second cd. It has a brownish cover. Interested?

    3. I am most interested. What must I do?