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01 May 2016

I’m on a Collision Course with Rhythm

Lately I’ve been stuck in a Rut.

Ruts DC kind. Rhythm Collision, Rhythm Collision Remix, Rhythm Collision Re>Loaded.

Some of it is still available, some of it has been re-released, much of it is around if you want to search. I just thought I throw together some of the various versions, see how it worked out…

Ruts DC – When Rhythms Collide  
decryption code in comments


Whatever We Do
Rhythm Collision
Weak Heart Dub
Love & Fire – from Present Rhythm Collision 1982
(Bohemian BOLP4, 1982)

Whatever We Do
Rhythm Collision
Love & Fire
Whatever We Dub
Militant Base
Dub Accusation – from Rhythm Collision Remix: Ruts DC vs. Zion Train 1999
(Echo Beach EB021, 1999)

Whatever We Do (RSD aka Rob Smith remix)
Militant (Ruts DC & Steve Dub remix)
Rhythm Collision (RSD aka Rob Smith remix)
Accusation (Dreadzone remix)
Weak Heart (RSD aka Rob Smith remix)
Love & Fire (Dreadzone remix)
Whatever We Do (Salz remix)
Militant (Boz Boorer remix)
Accusation (Ruts DC & Steve Dub remix)
Weak Heart Dub (RSD aka Rob Smith remix)
Love & Fire (Go Home Productions remix)
Whatever We Dub (RSD aka Rob Smith remix)
Accusation vs Rhythm Collision (Salz remix) – from Rhythm Collision Reloaded 2009
(Echo Beach ECHO BEACH 077, 2009)



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  2. Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, thanks a lot !!!

  3. Hi NØ, really looking forward to hearing this! Meanwhile, for all your Ruts DC needs, check out this blog run by a UK-based mate of mine who's well in with the band and has some stunning recordings of their recent live gigs, the latest of which showcases new material from their forthcoming album: http://auralsculptors.blogspot.com/search/label/Ruts%20DC

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

    1. Dave Sez...I'm honored, sir. I know of you & respect your musickal tastes from around the blogsphere. Thanks for the link. Am heading over to check it out right now. Hope you enjoy the above offering.

    2. Nothin' Sez...thank you so much for the link. Sonic Ballroom. Awesome! What a setlist. I left a thanks over at Aural Sculptors.

  4. Hi again NØ, glad you liked Aural Sculptors, and thanks for leaving thanks over there - that's what makes the blogsphere keep turning! Grand that Adrian focuses on two of my favourite bands, the Stranglers and the Ruts - don't miss this one: http://auralsculptors.blogspot.com/2014/10/ruts-dc-o2-academy-leicester-3rd.html. And, by the by, thanks for your political posts supporting Bernie Sanders - nice to see some sanity on the other side of the pond!

    Cheers and enjoy, Dave Sez.

  5. Hi again again NØ, and after my previous comment, I just noodled around checking out my Ruts collection to find that the absolutely rarest of the rare still has live links despite being posted back in 2008: Kevin Coyne's 1980 long-deleted double album "Sanity Stomp", of which the first disc was recorded with the full Ruts DC and featuring one of their compositions, "Formula Eyes". Power pop rather than dub, but need I say go get, you won't regret?

    http://kevincoyne.blogspot.com/2008/07/kevin-coyne-1980-sanity-stomp-flac.html (mediafire links in comments)


    Cheers, Dave Sez.