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24 May 2016

Esoterica, Exotica, & Underneathica

1980 was my Year Zero.  I was a Midwest high school freshman (class of 1984).   AC/DC and REO seemed inescapable.  It was driving me up The Wall.  I had to go in through the out door, and seek out scary monsters and super creeps.

It was a year of impressive debuts, by the Cramps, X, Pylon, Feelies, Wipers, Pretenders, Young Marble Giants, Killing Joke...  It was also a time of reinvention:  Off the Wall, Remain in Light, and Doc at the Radar Station.  There were endings, too.  In 1980, video killed the radio star.  Chapman shot Lennon.  Ian Curtis cancelled his US tour, and Darby Crash didn't make it to his big screen premiere.   

I started trading tapes and sending away for strange records.  Made a fanzine and got some high weirdness by mail.  I was underage but got into a few clubs where I caught glimpses of hidden places and forbidden rites.

Barefoot on the Accelerator is a soundtrack to my early 80s forays into the American post-punk underground.  These songs still haunt me three decades later.   One is a recording from an Ama-Dots show at the Starship, Milwaukee's mini Masque.  I wish the voice of the incomparable Boolah was more audible, or that you could see Gary scraping his guitar with primitive tools.  But you can sense the Ama-Dots' feral energy and floor-pounding rhythms.

Post-punk is a term that has lost significance with repetition.  In the early 80s, it seemed that anyone could invent all manner of ways to conjure up the unheard music.   The significance of PiL, Wire, the Slits, and the Gang of Four was easy to see from across the pond, and not hard to emulate.  But back then, as now, no one could be certain who would be recognized by future listeners as our own visionaries and pioneers.  We couldn't see our forest; too dizzy swinging from the trees.

Some of our pioneers blazed trails, while others glimmered in dark corners.  Some were lured out into the open by whispers of fame, or were tricked by reflections in the underwater moonlight.  A few carved secret tunnels discovered years after they were abandoned by the archaeologists of post-punk.  Here is a sample extricated from that era's esoterica, exotica, and underneathica.

Various - Barefoot on the Accelerator: Soundtrack to an 80s Foray 
into the American Post-Punk Underground

Chrome - New Age
Plasticland - Office Skills
Pre-Fix - Underneathica
Slovenly - Squeaky Clean
Ike Yard - M. Kurtz
Blackouts - Dead Man's Curve
Pere Ubu - Misery Goats
Ama-Dots - Qualms
Minimal Man - Now I Want it All
Your Food - Leave
Dementia Precox - Dead on 2 Legs Luncheonette
Wounds - Grey
Kommunity FX - Tribulations
Savage Republic - Next to Nothing
Dangerous Birds - Smile on Your Face
Los Nuns - Walking the Beat
Half Japanese - Rosemary's Baby
Mission of Burma - Trem Two
100 Flowers - Strip Club
Raymilland - Tronada (edit)
Factrix - Ballad of the Grim Rider
Flesh Eaters - Divine Horseman



  1. Sir Hope...Thank you so much for all you do & say around this dump. So many times you are my inspirational light shining on the path of musick I decide to follow for some while.

    1. Aw, you've gone and made me blush! You have always been more than generous in return. "This dump" is one of my favorite haunts. Thanks for putting my name on the guest list.

  2. BUY or DIE:

    Ama-Dots and Raymilland: rerunrecordsstl.com
    Blackouts "History In Reverse" krecs.com
    Chrome and Kommunity FK: cleorecs.com
    Dementia Precox: shakeitrecords.com
    Factrix, Flesh Eaters, 100 Flowers: superiorviaduct.com
    Half Japanese: firerecords.com
    Ike Yard "1980-82 Collected" acuterecords.com
    Minimal Man and Savage Republic: ltmrecordings.com
    Mission of Burma: matadorrecords.com
    Pere Ubu: ubuprojex.com/ubutique.html
    Plasticland "Make Yourself A Happening Machine" rykodisc.com
    Your Food "Bold Beginnings: Louisville Punk 1978-83" noisepollution.bandcamp.com

    ...and for further foraging: lapostpunk.blogspot.com

    1. Almost forgot all the great (and free) stuff at MKE PUNK, like this one: mkepunk.com/releases/hardcore/various-artists-history-in-3-chords-milwaukee-alternative-bands-1973-1982/

  3. Now, this... This is the water of life.


  4. great article Jon, i can relate- mid '79 is where it all started for me, the escape from all the mainstream dumbness was driving me batty.
    great mix selections!

  5. Thanks, Jonder! - Stinky