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22 May 2016

More (Billy) Bang for Your Buck

Ronald Shannon Jackson & the Decoding Society – Eye on You,
About Time Records AT-1003, 1980.
decryption code in comments

Side A –
Apache Love Cry
Eastern Voices/ Western Dreams

Side B –
Dancers of Joy
Orange Birthday
Theme from a Prince
Eye on You
Ballet de Omphalos

Ronald Shannon Jackson – composer, arranger, & drums; Vernon Reid – electric & acoustic guitar; Bern Nix – guitar; Billy Bang – violin; Charles Brackeen – alto & soprano saxophones; Byard Lancaster – tenor & soprano saxophones; Melvin Gibbs – bass, & Erasto Vasconcelos – percussion.



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    1. Thank you for the comment. You are the first for this post. I am extremely amazed that it took this long for anyone to say what they thought of this. I find it to be some quite extraordinary music & thought it would attract more attention.