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18 May 2016

"If You Want to Cut Your Throat, Don’t come to Me for a Bandage."

I’m currently wading through Downriver by Iain Sinclair. Sinclair is a British writer & filmmaker. Much of his work is rooted in London, most recently within the influences of psychogeography.

It’s kind of a tough go for a Yank such as I. It’s a surreal/poetic view of the Thames & surrounding environs during the time of M. Thatcher. That was a mighty scary time for the world, but specifically for the Democratic Socialism that was the U.K. prior to that time. Maggie was known as the "Iron Lady". She was great chums with Ronnie Regan, as their economic policies meshed well.

Thatcher pursued a strongly principled (& incredibly fiscally conservative) economic policy, now known as "Thatcherism." (Whether you agree or disagree with her, you have to admit that having an "ism" named after you is an impressive accomplishment. Thatcherism was essentially a free market approach. She stood for:
  • Tax cuts
  • Small government
  • Private enterprise
  • Anti-socialism & anti-communism
  • Anti-unions
Thatcher's disdain toward labor unions & social programs won her a lot of enemies. Margaret Thatcher famously dismissed the idea of a "society." In her view, nations are composed of individuals with no duties to one other

This recording is a companion piece to the book, made of extracts from Downriver read by the author. Recorded at The Instrument, London - 8th May 1998. Thanks to Bruce Gilbert (of Wire & solo fame) for intersperced audio atmospherics.

Iain Sinclair – Downriver, King Mob KMOB 1, 1998.
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Tracklist –

The Case of the Premature Mourners
Riverside Opportunities
Premature Mourners II
The Solemn Mystery of the Disappearing Room
Premature Mourners III
Art of the Stage
Sexing of Stones
Premature Mourners IV



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  2. Dark times. Not entirely unlike now. Thank you.


    1. Parallels 'tween then & now. Good to hear from you once more. Thought I may have chased you off with my lack of taste.

  3. Thanks for this, really enjoying the Bruce Gilbert input. Thatcherism very much in vogue here in Oz leading up to our election.

  4. No, no, I've been checking in now and then. Been going through some serious LIFECHANGES over the past year and it's all left me in a strange place.

    C'est la vie.

  5. We're all in strange places these days, every human, every animal and every other life form. The new normal? Hmmmm . . . .

    We're all living DownRiver however, although I suppose some more than others.

    I gotta get this book, that's for sure.

    1. It is a fantastic book. Sinclair is rather a poet writing poetic prose. I am on the final chapter, final section. Joblard has been tasked with writing for Sinclair, as Sinclair has gone round the bend.