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22 May 2016

If Memory Serves…

I’ve never posted this Bill Laswell Material before this.

Material – Memory Serves, Island Records ILPS9693, 1981.
decryption code in comments

Side One –
Memory Serves
Metal Test

Side Two –
Conform to the Rhythm
Square Dance
Silent Land

Material witnesses here are: Bill Laswell – 4, 6 & 8 string basses; Michael Beinhorn – synthesizers, tapes, radio, guitar, drums, & voice with Fred Maher – drums, percussion, & guitar (except "Silent Land"); Sonny Sharrock – guitar (except "Square Dance" & "Silent Land"); Fred Frith – guitar, violin, & xylophone (1,4,5,7);  Olu Dara – cornet ("Disappearing" & "Upriver"); Henry Threadgill – alto sax ("Disappearing", "Unauthorized", & "Square Dance"); George Lewis – trombone ("Memory Serves", "Square Dance", & "Silent Land"); Billy Bang – violin ("Upriver" & "Unauthorized"); & Charles K. Noyes – drums, percussion, & bells ("Memory Serves" & "Silent Land").

Recorded at OAO Studio, Brooklyn, New York.

The land is never silent while we have Bill’s bass,


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  2. I love this era of Material. The compilation of their earliest stuff (Secret Life) is equally exciting.

    1. Yes, when Material was a band & not just a name Laswell used for his outings. Never as great without Michael Beinhorn.