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17 September 2013


2 Minutos is an Argentine punk band formed in Valentin Alsina in 1987. Valentín Alsina is a city in the Lanús Partido of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. It is located next to Buenos Aires in the Gran Buenos Aires urban area. 2 Minutos played their first gig on July 8, 1989, the same day that Raúl Alfonsín was forced out of office early due to rioting after the election of new neoliberalist Peronist candidate Carlos Menem. They are probably the most popular punk band in South America & across most of the Spanish speaking world. They are also very popular in the U.S. They have opened for Motorhead in Vélez before 45,000 spectators & for the Ramones at River Plate for their Global Farwell ’96 tour with a stage on the verge of exploding. They even sold out legendary punk venue CBGBs during their 95 U.S. tour.

The original group consisted of: Wálter ‘Mosca’ Velásquez – vocals & guitar; Luis Aguirre vocals & guitar; El Indio – guitar; Alexander ‘Papa’ Aidnajian – bass; & Marcelo – drums. ‘Mosca’ & ‘Papa’ are the only original members of the band left. Their present members are: Wálter ‘Mosca’ Velásquez – vocals; Alexander ‘Papa’ Aidnajian – bass; Marcelo ‘Pedro’ Pedrozo & Pablo ‘Coll’ Velmondo– guitars; & Monti ‘Burns’ Montaña – drums.

Valentin Alsina is the title of their first release, in recognition of their city of origin. They had a hit with the song " Ya No Sos Igual" , a song about a neighborhood kiosquero or newsstand owner who also worked for the Federal Police. The majority of the songs on their album tell of the district they grew up in, the reality of the wage-slaves crushed by the low wages & the extensive working hours. The band sold 50,000 copies of this first release. They got to open for Motorhead in Vélez before 45,000 spectators & for the Ramones at River Plate for their Global Farewell ’96 tour with a stage on the verge of exploding. They even sold out legendary punk venue CBGBs during their 95 U.S. tour.

 2 Minutos – Valentin Alsina, Interdisc 522 560-2, 1994. 
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Tracklist –

Valentín Alsina
Canción De Amor
¡ Que Mala Suerte!
Odio Laburar
Amor Suicida
14 Botellas
Vos no Confiaste
Otra Mujer
Como Caramelo de Limón
Demasiado Tarde (La Marcha)
Pelea Callejera
Ya No Sos Igual

Their second release Volvio la Alegria Vieja was recorded in 1995. This disc contains hits like “Tema de Adrian”, “Vago”, “Todo lo Miro”, & “Piñas Van, Piñas Vienen” (a tribute to famous Argentine boxers).

 2 Minutos - Volvió la Alegria Vieja!!!, Interdisc 528285-2, 1995.

Tracklist –

Copetín Al Paso
Todo Lo Miro
Tema de Adrian
Borracho Y Agresivo
Mosca de Bar
El Mejor Recuerdo
Otra Vez (La Casa de Juán)
Piñas Van, Piñas Vienen

Their third album was entitled Postal 97. It was released in mid-1997, celebrating the bands 10 year anniversary. “Gatillo Fácil” (Trigger Happy) was first single. The album sold 15,000 copies the first month after its release, prompting their label to renew their recording deal.

 2 Minutos - Postal ’97, Interdisc 536289-2, 1997.

Tracklist –

Qué Yeta 
El Se Va 
No Mientas Más 
La Balanza 
Mal Romance 
Recuentos En La Arena
A Veces 
Los Chuquis 
La Ladrona 
Postal ‘96 
Gatillo Fácil
Los Ladrones
Nada Que Hacer 
Pequeño Gran Héroe

Their fourth album, Dos Minutos de Advertencia (2 Minute Warning) was released in 1999. It contained the hits “Lejos Estoy” (I am Far Away) & “Carta a E.T.” (Letter to E.T. - a song about pollution & global warming).

Tracklist –
Lejos Estoy 
Canción Para Mi Muerte 
Mi Marca 
Surfer’s Punk (Aquaman) 
No Me Moleste 
In the Street 
Ska de la Rutina 
Casa de Dos 
Correo de Amor 
Perdiendo el Tiempo 
Carta a E.T.

Un Mundo de Sensaciones was recorded in 2006. It was produced by Juanchi Baleiron of Los Pericos. On this release, 2 Minutos was aided by guest musicians Sebastián Teysera of La Vela Puerca, Diego Blanco & Juanchi ( Los Pericos ) & Claudio O'Connor.

 2 Minutos - Un Mundo DeSensaciones, Sony music 8287 686797, 2006.

Tracklist –

2 Minutos 
Pandora Box 
Un Sueño 
Foto Rosada 
Las Piedras Rodantes 
El Bondi 
Miss Muerte 
Somos Más Americanos 
Rompan Todo

Vamos A La Granja / Directo Al Infierno (Let’s Go to the Farm / Straight to Hell) is the bands eleventh album. It was recorded, mixed, & mastered between December 2009 & January 2010, at El Parral Studios in Buenos Aires. Track 20 is a cover of the Clash tune “Straight to Hell”.

2 Minutos - Vamos A LaGranja / Directo Al Infierno, Sony Music 8869 763476-2, 2010.

Tracklist –

Panik Atack
Cabeza de Limón
Especial (Ella)
Melodía de Barrio
A.X.E. (Amnesia Por Ebriedad)
Paro General
Metal Marciano Rojo (Musa)
Todavía una Canción de Amor
900 Muy Bien
El Que no Salta es un Skon
Ave de Paso
El Asador
Guitarrita y Fafa
Esto no es el Italpark (La Caprichosa)
Maravillosa Mente
Straight to Hell
Vamos a la Granja


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