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08 September 2013


From the little sugar city of Lautoka in Fiji comes one of the Pacific's most influential recording artists. & that sugar is surely in his voice. When I listen to Daniel Rae, I can’t help thinking he may be the lost Bee Gee. Since the 1970s Daniel Rae Costello has been entertaining the Pacific rim with his own style of music he likes to call ‘Aqualypso’. Blending African, Island, calypso, latin, & reggae rhythms, his music has touched the hearts of countless Pacific Islanders.

Daniel was born in Suva, Fiji in 1961 to Jessie Rae & Dan Costello. He was brought up in cattle country of Tavua & Yaqara. He moved to Lautoka when he was 5 & went to school at St. Thomas' Primary. He started his first band while still in 7th grade called The Fleet Swingers. His younger brother Vince was the lead singer & keyboard player, Mani Rounds on bass, George Moore (still in Daniel's band today) on drums & Daniel on guitar.

In 1979 Daniel recorded his first solo album called Tropical Sunset. A year later, his album, Lania was released. It was a huge success in Fiji & around the Pacific. He later started his own Studio & Production Suite called Tango Sound Productions & recorded his first big hit album, Samba. Since 1978, he has recorded more than 30 albums. He is now one of the most accomplished songwriter, composer, arranger, audio engineer, vocalist, musician, & producer in the Pacific region.

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Tracklist –

Cry an Ocean
Kosrae Island
Everybody’s Fool
Stop Your Fussin’
Be Good to Me
Samba (live)
The Bula Way
Tequila Nights
Walk into My Life