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25 September 2013


From one of Earth's highest-located capital cities, Quito, Ecuador, nearly 10,000 feet above sea level, comes axe-master & 6-string wizard Hittar Cuesta, with an extremely virtuosic, technical display of guitar fireworks & a strongly melodic brand of progressive-metal.

Hittar Cuesta, born Hitler Cuesta, moved to Cuenca, ‘the Athens of Ecuador’, at the age of 19, to teach guitar-playing. Since that move, the guitar-slinging master started a most successful music career. He first played with rock-pop group Crucks en Karnak. While with them he had to keep his love for true virtuosic metal on the side. With Crucks he achieved commercial success, but artistically he still had to restrain himself due to the limitations of the genre.

He changed his name to Hittar (like guitar), leaving his ill-chosen birth name in the past, & quit Crucks, which by the time was Ecuador's biggest commercial act. He joined the metal band Falk, but that only lasted a short time. He decided to pursue a solo career, where he would be free to explore the different, intriguing corners of his musical mind.

Although Cuesta was already recognized as one of Ecuador's greatest guitar players before going solo, after the release of his first full-length, El Lenguaje de los Espiritus (The Language of the Spirits) in 2000, Hittar Cuesta was critically acclaimed as Ecuador's superior master of the guitar. It is his only solo release so far, as he has since gone back to teaching guitar full time.

 Hittar Cuesta - El Lenguaje de los Espiritus, Progressive Arts Music, 2000. 
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Tracklist –

Aves de Acero
Danza de Almas
Oculta Dama
Lidian para Satriani
Cazador de Vidas
Extraño  Visitante
Viajando a lo Desconocido


Anónimos is a punk band that was formed in late 1999 by three friends, Speed Rocker Anónimo – guitar, Fonsy Anónimo – vocals & bass, & William Anónimo – drums. William soon left & was replaced by Joey Anónimo. The band's style is influenced by 50s rock ala Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, & Richie Valens as well as classic punk of the Ramones, Sex Pistols, Misfits, & the Clash.

In late 2000 they recorded their first demo Volver al Rock n Roll with Joey on drums. Johnny Anónimo, who played with Enemigo Público, was added as bassist in 2003, making the band now a four-piece with Fonsy concentrating solely on vocals. They recorded their first album, the 15 song Días de Diversión. Shortly after its release, Joey & Johnny left the band & Eric joins as drummer. Once again Fonsy plays bass & sings. The band is again a trio as in their earlier days. In 2007 they recorded Soy un Cadaver.

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Tracklist –

Soy un Cadaver
Muere Muere mi Amor
Dr. Rock
Chico Bueno
Bailando con la Muerte
En la Playa
Quiero estar Cerca Tuyo
No me Importa
Inyectame Rock & Roll
Oh bien Viernes
Un Poco Mas
Fuego en los Motores


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