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10 September 2013


Nauru (officially the Republic of Nauru) was formerly known as Pleasant Island. What a great name. I would have kept that name myself, it just sounds so…pleasant. Nauru is the world's smallest republic, covering just 21 square kilometres (8.1 sq mi).

Skylla (Halstead) is the first lady of R&B from Nauru. Skylla was raised in a musical family of 17 with roots in gospel, soul, & Island music. She was awarded a David Jaanz School of Singing scholarship when only 14. A year later she was selected as the headline singer at the 43rd South Pacific Forum in Nauru.

She was part of the girl-group Sheeq with a couple of friends (sisters Maria & Tia from Adelaide, Australia & the 9-member harmony group Basic. She received a Best New Artist award for this release. She was also a contestant on Australian Idol.

Skylla – Trials of Your Faith, Hardrush Music, 2006.
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Under Pressure
Dear Last Diary
Trials of Your Faith
Family Harmony


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