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05 September 2013

Solomon Islands

The music of Wasi Ka Nanara is indigenous to the Solomon Islands, especially on the island of Malaita. One never sees women in the group, for the music & dance is exclusively the arena of men. The musicians make all their instruments themselves out of bamboo of various sizes. The musicians do not blow in the biggest but the hammer as percussion instruments. One particular instrument connects many pan pipes together to form a kind of collar which the players manipulate with a turn of the neck.

The music of the group comes from the first century of their era, a time of the Lapita culture, enriched later with contacts with Polynesia, the aboriginals of Austrailia, & other islands of Melanesie. This sugar-sweet music is played by large ensembles creating a remarkably orchestral sound.

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Tracklist – 

Natalemu Lani
Ruma Ma Ruma
Nau To'oru Raurahi
Tou Tou Naire
Usua Ratamu
Oina Mai Tabunaie
Tu'u Ite Ana
Mamo Maie
Manu Ni Asi
Nanaratana Wasikananara
Naratana Houma
Nev o' o' o Itemu
Maku Ka Mamauru'a
Zulu Zulu
Waiana Painaha
Lalu Belo Belota
Naha Wate Purapura
Roro Mera 231
Loe Oto Hue Inev



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  2. nathan i am back again. thanks for this one. somehow i had missed it. i got here thru skapunkrasta

    1. Welcome back, friend. Glad you're still finding things from our world tour. Hope you find other things as well. I'm trying to mix it up as much as I can.