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24 September 2013


Formed in 1967 by members of bands from Lima, Peru such as Los Hang Tens & Los Mads & other musicians, Traffic Sound started as a covers band playing songs by The Doors, Cream, & Jimi Hendrix. Their influences came from England & the US. Apart from some bossa nova played at rehearsals, latin music didn’t really feature in their repertoire. However, their origin & background could still be heard in their sound. After Santana’s success they more fully embraced their native sounds which led them to albums such as Virgin, Traffic Sound, & Lux which are masterpieces of latin rock. They combined psychedelia, hard rock, a hint of progressive rock & a latin tinge to create a personal, mighty sound. They called it quits in 1972 but several releases have come out since then, compilations & Greatest Hits.

Traffic Sound consisted of: Manuel Sanguinetti – vocals; Willy ‘Wilito’ Barclay - lead guitar;  Freddy Rizo-Patrón  - rhythm guitar; Jean Pierre Magnet – sax; Willy Thorne – bass; & Luis ‘Lucho’ Nevares - drums. Freddy & Manuel had met in school & played in Los Hang Tens. Freddy & his older brother Jose originally thought of founding Traffic Sound. The name came from a traffic light, a souvenir of a wild night partying in Lima, that hung in the attic of the Rizo-Patróns house where the band held their practices.

After a year of continued rehearsals & playing private parties they tried their luck at Peruvian psychedelic emporium The Tiffany with great success. They soon recorded their first album, the EP A Bailar GoGo in 1968 for the MAG label. It contained cover versions of songs by The Doors, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Iron Butterfly, & The Animals.

In their subsequent albums they included their own music with a fusion of Andean & Afro-Latin sounds. Their second album Virgin in 1969 contained all original material. This album catapulted them to fame. It contains the phenomenal Peruvian pyschedelia song "Meshkalina".

Traffic Sound - A Bailar GoGo EP, MAG LPN-2354, 1968. 
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Lado A –

I’m So Glad
You Got Me Floating

Lado B –

Sky Pilot

 Traffic Sound – Virgin, MAG LPN 2382, 1969.

Tomorrow Side -

Tell the World I’m Alive
Yellow Sea Days
a – March 7th
b – March 8th
c – March 9th

Today Side –

Jews Caboose
A Place in Time Call “You & Me”
Last Song parts I & II

Traffic Sound - Yellow SeaYears (Peruvian Psych-Rock-Soul 1968-71) 2xLP, 
Vampi Soul VAMPI 061, 2004.

Side A –
El Gusano (Alice in Wormland)
La Camita
You Got to Be Sure

Side B –
White Deal / Poco / Big Deal
Chicama Way
Those Days have Gone

Side C –
A Beautiful Day

Side D –
Yesterday’s Game
Sky Pilot
What You Need & What You Want
Tibet’s Suzettes (You Can’t Appreciate a Gift from God)
Inca Snow
other releases:

Traffic Sound, a.k.a. III, a.k.a. Tibet's Suzettes (1971)
Lux (1971)
Greatest Hits (1998)


Telegraph Avenue formed in 1970 after lead guitarist Bo Ichikawa returned to Peru after having stayed half a year in San Francisco where he had been exposed to the vivid local hippie rock culture. On his return he assembled all kinds of American influences, in a very convincing powerful way, with songs in English, but with ideas for arrangements which were more typical for the best Peruvian bands from those days.

The full arrangements are incredibly contrasting. There are two percussionists in the band. The first percussionist is Walo Carrilo - drums, percussion, maracas, & tambourine. Before being in Telegraph Avenue  Carrilo had been a bandleader from Los Holy’s. The additional percussionist is Chachi Lujan – bongos as well as playing acoustic guitar & piano. The final member is Alex Nathanson – bass, who also played acoustic guitar, clavichord, & piano. The styles of the songs are very varied, having a blues/rock, California feel with added influences of soul/rock & 60s styles. The psychedelic element here is rather unique.

 Telegraph Avenue – Telegraph Avenue s/t, MAG LPN 2404, 1971. 
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Lado A –

Something Going
Sweet Whatever

Lado B –

Let Me Start
Sometimes in Winter
Telegraph Avenue


Dolores Delirio is a Peruvian rock band formed in 1994 by vocalist Ricardo Brenneisen, guitarist Jeffrey Parra, bassist/keyboardist Jose Inoñan, & drummer/lyricist Josué Vásquez. In the years since their formation their sound has evolved from 1980s darkwave to gothic rock to hard rock. Now days they play kinda straight forward rock.

This is their first album Cero. It was released by Navaja Producciones in 1995 as a cassette only. The ten songs were recorded at El Techo Studios in Lima. In order to save time & money, Vásquez did not record his drums live. They were sequenced with a drum machine. This album contains the first versions of Vásquez's "A Cualquier Lugar" & Brenneisen's "Carmen", two songs now considered classics for the band. Cero has been listed by many critics as the best Peruvian rock album of the 1990s with its superb mixture of post-punk & rock en español. A compact disc version was released in 1996 with three bonus tracks.

  Dolores Delirio – Cero cassette, Navaja Producciones NAV CS 00001, 1995.
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Side A –

¿No Ves el Sol
Paisaje Azul
A Cualquier Lugar
Carmen (el Dolor)

Side B –

Viento Satelite




  1. A Bailar GoGo
    Yellow Sea Years
    Telegraph Avenue

  2. Thank you so much for the Traffic Sound / Telegraph Ave. I first heard the "Virgin" LP years ago and was absolutely blown away. Even though the first EP is mostly covers, they are competent ones. Telegraph Ave. is amazing as well.