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03 May 2014

& curdled milk for Cheerios

Malaria! was an all-female experimental electronic band from Berlin formed in 1981 by Gudrun Gut & Bettina Köster following the dissolution of Mania D. They enlisted the help of Karin Luner, Eva Gossling (later in Die Krupps), & Beate Bartel (from the band Liaisons Dangereuses). At various times other members included Manon P. Duursma, Christine Hahn, & Susanne Kuhnke (a member of Die Haut). They are most often associated with Neue Deutsche Welle style post-punk.

 Like other post-punk & early New Wave acts, Neue Deutsche Welle bands were more linked by a common aesthetic than a particular sound. NeDeWe borrowed from the European 1920s, echoing the Dada movement's dramatic flare for pranks & rampant  anti-establishment sentiments while heavily gleaning The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari for their look. NeDeWe's utilized intentionally simplistic lyrics watered down to hyper-minimalism.

The early Neue Deutsche Welle underground from about 1976 to 1981 was art-damaged proto-electronics, with Abwärts, Malaria!, & Geisterfahrer delivering angular, detuned dance-punk; D.A.F. (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) & Liasons Dangereuses putting out jerky proto-electro; & Pyrolator playing with tape loops & analog electronics. Industrial noise pioneers Einstürzende Neubauten, who formed in 1980 out of a Berlin Dadaist collective known as Geniale Dillettanten, were also key catalysts.

Malaria! – Cheerio, Moabit 011, 1993.
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Tracklist –

Keep Me in Love
Lay Lady Lay
Von Hinten
Doesn’t Matter
Another Place
Cheerio Instrumental



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  2. been in interested in hearing this for a while - cheers