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08 May 2014

Drop a couple of tabs of good ole LSD

Posting this up for a friend Kibburrus the Rude Druid who recently touched down here in Sack’a’tomatoes for a brief recline.

This is the first of 3 double cd sets, all to be released under the "Origin.." title, which chronicle the Infinite Beat (1987-1992) era of Psychic TV. Most of these songs were originally released in the early 90's by WaxTrax! Records as Towards the Infinite Beat & Beyond Thee Infinite Beat both recorded in their entirety at The Beat Farm Studios, London during the period January 1st 1990 to January 23rd 1990. Several previously unreleased remixes & live tracks are added here, appearing for the first time.

Tom Schulte from Allmusic describes it succinctly:

Allowing full immersion of this suggestive, cryptic, neo-psychedelic beat music is truly a mind altering experience. A couple hours after partaking of these doses, one can be assured that Psychic TV aspired, and often succeeded at employing guitars, drums, keyboards and sequenced sounds re-creating an expansive, hallucinogenic, paradigm-challenging drug experience. That you can dance to.
In this incarnation, PsTV is Genesis P-Orridge – vocals, sampler, electric violin, & keyboards; Fred Giannelli – guitars, sampler, keyboards; Sean Maher – post-modernist funk rhythm guitar; Dave Ball – sampler & keyboards; Gini Ball – violin; Richard Schiessl – sampler; & Matthew ‘DJ Global’ Best – drums & keyboards.

Psychic TV – “Origin of the Species” – A Supply of Two Tablets of Acid 2xCD,
Invisible INV079, 1998.
decryption code in comments

In the Beginning…
Infinite Beat
Horror House (Monitor mix)
Bliss (music by Hadj Abdesalam Attar)
Genetic Resolution (live)
I.C. Water (live)
SMILE (Greedy Beat remix)
Stick Insect (Monitor mix)
Money for E…(Dave Ball remix)
Black Raincoat

Laughing Gasp (live)
Money for E…
Blis (Beat Farm remix)
The Infinite (Fred remix)
Horror House (Sugardog remix)
The Nothing Song (live)
Slow Gems in a Hurricane (live)
Stick Insect (DJ Global remix)

Thanks KB & Stewart,too


  1. 1st Tab
    2nd Tab

  2. CD one ... same tracks as the Second ! Please can you change and upload the CD one !

    1. At first glance, tab 1 - 155.0MB --- tab 2 - 170.1MB
      Kinda hard to believe they are both the same, but I’ll download them & check.
      Tab 1 – 9 tracks beginning with “In the Beginning” that sounds right
      Tab 2 – 9 tracks beginning with “I.C. Water” – ditto
      Maybe I just named the tracks wrong & resized them wrong & they are rally both the same. Guess I’ll give them a listen…
      “In the Beginning” – 1:23 - going on about 'ever experience?'
      “I.C. Water” – 8:42 & singing about ‘water’.
      Final Answer – they are not the same…I think that at some point since May 8, 2014
      someone might have mentioned the mistake before now.
      I tried everything I could.
      I think you need to try again.

    2. So when y'all cummin' up to Eugene???!!!

    3. probably not anytime soon. the owner of our house is selling it & we have to find somewhere else to abide like soon. after that we probably can't afford it for maybe a couple thousand years, but after that...

  3. Nathan! Thanx fer this! 'Tis always a blast when I visit yer burg; been a thinkin' 'bout you & yers lately a-mucho... Come on up to Eugene sometime and visit! The music scene here is happenin' - and it'd be swell to see y'all again - so JUST DO IT! Hey, did I mention I LOVE YOU Homey??!! Tell the Ladies I said "HEY". Thanx again fer the PTV jamz...

  4. Nathan! Mucho thanx fer this sumpin'... It is ALWAYS a PLEASURE a seein' you and yer kin whenever I happen to roll into yer burg; y'all oughta come on up to Eugene some time so's that I can return the (many) favors!!! Been a thinkin' 'bout y'all's often... keepin' it real - fer sher - Homey! LOVE YOU & YOURS always... SHAKI P (aka KIbburrus, Dexter Mythorfan, Santa Klown, et al)

    1. dropped a coupla tabs, dropped a coupla comments, how appropriate.