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03 May 2014

& now we got Cottage Cheese

Various – Cottage Cheese from the Lips of Death, Ward-9 Records W-9001, 1983.
decryption code in comments

Side Tex –
Really Red - Nobody Rules
D.R.I. - Runnin' Around
The Offenders - Fight Back
Mydolls - Soldiers of a Pure War
Not For Sale  - Bread & Bombs
Big Boys - The Big Picture
Prenatal Lust - Entertainment Tonight

Side Ass -
Stick Men with Ray Guns - Christian Rat Attack
Hugh Beaumont Experience - Moo
Marching Plague - Rock & Roll Asshole
Butthole Surfers - I Hate My Job
Bang Gang  - Dickhead
Dicks - Gilbeau
Watchtower - Meltdown

Cover art by Gibby Haynes


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