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25 May 2014

Hey, Where's the Beaver?

Found this tape in the same box I dug out Son of Sam. There’s a few more treasures on cassette that I'll probably be posting up, or not…short attention span, yeah!

The Hugh Beaumont Experience was a punk rock band from Fort Worth, Texas. The band's original lineup was Brad Stiles on vocals, Tommie Duncan on guitar, Clay Carlisle on bass, & Carter Kolba on drums. HBE was formed in 1980 by friends from Fort Worth Country Day School. They toured throughout Texas in 1981-82, including dates with MDC & The Dead Kennedys.

Their journey was short-lived.  The HBE had broken up by 1983. They released just one 7" called Cone Johnson & this cassette called Virgin Killers. (This material was re-released in 1993 on Existential Vacuum Records as the live side that shared the flipside with a studio recording session with Bob Mould of Hüsker Dü.) By the time this live cassette was recorded at the Bowie Theater in Ft. Worth, Jeff  'King' Coffee (best know as the drummer from the Butthole Surfers) was handling the drums.

Hugh Beaumont ­Experience – Virgin Killers (live) handmade cassette,
Throbbing Cattle Ltd., moo-5, 1982.
decryption code in comments

I Don’t Wanna go to Bellevue
Eric’s on Thorazine
Pigs & Frogs
Private Dachau
The Man who Shot the Pope
Police State USA
Masculinity Complex
I Wanna be Used
In the Name of Industry
I’m Shrinking
End Authority
What Happened to Me
Counting Song



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  2. Throbbing Cattle was also a fanzine published by King Coffey. I have one issue of it, which (not coincidentally) features the HBE.