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25 May 2014

Way Out on Graffiti Island

It has been said that Dalston dwellers Graffiti Island "seem to have walked straight out of the bar of Twin Peaks' One Eyed Jack's into an episode of Kojack: The Night Stalker via the set of a Jadorowsky film."

Conan Roberts string work on bass & guitar, drummer Cherise Payne’s propulsive rhythmic counterpoints, & lead singer Pete Dee's deadpan, pop-culture soaked delivery offer something wholly original. Dee's dry vocal delivery gets compared to Beat Happening. They seem more engaging & far more unique in a general spookiness not found in the Olympia, WA. Band. GI's musical workings are stark sounding, detached, lo-fi possessed garage. But don’t expect the macabre element to be too much so that's the music becomes depressing or miserable. It's got well-crafted phrasing… & you can tap your toe to it.

Graffiti Island – Untitled EP, self-released, 2008.
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