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25 May 2014

Such Awe-filled Symmetry

Hototogisu is the Japanese for cuckoo, a bird which apparently in Japanese culture is a symbol of the netherworld - an infernal bird, a spook with wings.

Hototogisu masterfully create a dense sediment of tectonic drone with the thickest layers of guitar, vocals, & electronics. Elaborately arranged, Hototogisu features the obviously seasoned sonic travelers Matthew Bower (Skullflower, Pure, Sunroof!) & Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards). There are points here that the cacophony is so insanely oversaturated that the noise starts to sound as if it's spontaneously giving birth to language: you start audio-hallucinating words & sentences.

Hototogisu – Awful Symmetry, Heavy Blossom HB-03, 2005.
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  2. This is fantastic drone music that I haven't heard before. Thanks so much!