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22 April 2015

Dedicated to Masami Shinoda & Farley Fly

Usta do a ‘zine called EAT POOP! with a buncha fuckin’ punks in San JoHaze, Cali. Our mascot was the master POOP sniffer Farley the Fly. At some point Farley was M.I.A. & we feared the worst, but for years readers would send us pictures, possible Farley sightings, you know.

The other day I was looking through the vinyl & CDs at one of the more aromatic thrift stores that dot the area when I came across King Fly hisself, looking bad-ass & healthier than ever. Then I realized that he had ascended to the Motherhead & was living the high life in Zambodia. Way Kool!

Motherhead Bug – Zambodia, Pow Wow Records PWD7443, 1993.
decryption code in comments

Tracklist –
My Sweet Milstar
Tiny Bones
Demon Erection
Bleating Heart Incident
The Saucer Carousel
Off with Their Little Heads!

Fly High, Never Die


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  2. Hey. This sounds pretty good. The jacket, too, is very cool. Bad ass, for sure; way meaner than a Bolan label.

  3. Looks interesting, thanks in advance!

  4. so great, been a favorite since it came out. It's David Ouimet's band from Cop Shoot Cop/Firewater/Foetus/Swans. This pre-dates Firewater, but a similar direction as to what Tod A. would do with his band.