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12 April 2015

I Get so Agrovated

I don't know if anyone really gives a flying fuck about stuff like this, but I guess it’s just one of my pet peeves??? All over the interweb & even on discogs (where they have the cover artwork – see mine below), Kaya Dub is listed as The Aggrovators. Just read the bleeping cover, brutha. A-G-R-O-V-A-T-O-R-S. The Agrovators or Aggrovators (both spellings are correct & album specific – they are not misprints) had a storied career at Third World under both nom.

Kaya Dub is The Agrovators: Bunny Lee producin' & arrangin'; Prince Jammy mixin' & engineerin'; Earl 'Chinna' Smith on lead guitar; both Carl Harvey & Jeffrey Chung on rhythm guitars; Keith Sterling piano; Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare doing their usual drums & bass.

Irrespective of any peevishness on my part, this is a fantastic treasure. Just look at its provenance.

The Agrovators – Kaya Dub, Third World TWS939, 1978.
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Side One –
Kaya Dub
Sun is Shining Dub
Rock My Boat Dub
Easy Skanking Dub
Time Will Tell Dub

Side Two –
A Dread Dub
Dunza Dub
Hide & Seek Dub
A Nice Dub
Rub Up Dub

All fruits ripe,


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  2. Thank you, the description sounds rad.

  3. thanks for fine dub

  4. I guess I'm not so ag(g)rovated now. Thanks.