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25 April 2015

How Do I Decide?

Sometimes it goes kinda like this…

Yesterday I fell into a genre rabbit hole & for a while I was flashing on that one falling nightmare where I’m floundering arms & legs, posterior toward the…¿bottom?, accelerating at ever increasing speeds beyond maximum velocity (it is a dream).

I was contemplating (well, I had just smoked a fattie & my friend asked about) the depth of 21st Century Dub. I started investigating the French & Italian mid-aughts Dub scene, soon I was listening to electrodub & psydub & dubstep. From there I got sucked into some Burning Man civil war between junglists & the psytrance crowd. Next was all out bloodshed over the difference between dubstep (junglist candidate) & psydub (ditto…psytrancers). Now the most edge artists walk the fine line between the two.

Neither are really Dub, in my opinion. But during this crazy trip, I discovered Panda Dub. The Panda Dub project began in 2007 in Lyon, France. Though inspired by the French & UK dub scene, Panda Dub created his own style as a dub maker by combining reggae roots, UK stepper, & French electro dub into his music.

Panda Dub’s first release was Born 2 Dub in 2007. You can get more from ODGProd.  (check out Archives, it’s simply…Dub).

Tracklist –
Sans Titre
Jungle Call

But is it Dub???

1 comment:

  1. "But is it Dub???"

    No. I say this as a tubby purist, but. As far as pseudo-dub goes, this is better than most pretenders to the throne.