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19 April 2015

Well, What are You Waitin' For?

Stargard - What You Waitin’ For, MCA Records MCA-3064, 1978.
decryption code in comments

Side One –
Sensuous Woman
Blue Rain
Disco People
What You Waitin’ For

Side Two –
Never Take You Back
Love Me Back
How Come I Can’t See You
Chameleon Lady

Rock, Doc


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  2. cool! and good! and same for the blog!

  3. pointer sisters meet dr. funkenstein! looks like the stargard gals get more disco-fied in the ensuing years - sign 0' the times. I love that you enjoy a dash of disco in your rrrock/anything in between/dub plate.
    I'm a latecomer to your blog; I've been poring through your posts reverse-chronological (I'm only back to April 2014) and it's been great to check out the sounds mixed with the context of your story bits. I didn't know much about Cleveland in the 70's, aside from pere ubu, and now I have more of a feel for that spacetime.
    thanks gobs for your efforts and attitudes; you make the world a better plays!


    1. All I can say is welcome aboard. You got me blushin'

  4. Thanks for this LP. Look forward to hearing it and any other disco funk on your blog.
    Appreciate it.