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17 April 2015

Dee Dee on My Mind

June 6, 2002 - Dee Dee passes away just days before he was meant to be recording a live album with Marky Ramone.

June 9, 2002 - Marky Ramone & his latest band the Speedkings go into the studio to record a tribute.

"I've Got Dee Dee on My Mind" is an upbeat celebration complete with samples of Dee Dee counting in "1 2 3 4" with backing vocals from Fifi of the Japanese band Fifi & The Mach III.

On the flipside Marky shares the vocals with Nick Speedking for "Chinese Rocks" co-written by Dee Dee & Marky's old bandleader Richard Hell, originally made (in)famous by their binge buddies The Heartbreakers.

A Side –
I’ve Got Dee Dee on My Mind

B Side –
Chinese Rocks

We’re all Ramones,

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  1. God bless you, DD. I wanna gonna gitcha seeya in the Great Beyond. Promise??