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26 April 2015

Scotch Dub from Spider Man

Today "Cobra Rock" by The Revolutionaries grabbed my ears & made me realize I needed to post up some Lloyd 'Spider Man' Campbell Dub. Though not a true godhead, he is nonetheless a super Hero.

Lloyd moved from JA to England in the early 60s where he worked with Rico Rodriguez, Joe Mansano & the Rudies, Winston Groovy, & others. In 1972 he returned to Jamaica & began putting out a continuous string of reggae & dub hits. By 1975  he was working with a group of musicians that came to form the core of the group Skin Flesh & Bones

Skin Flesh & Bones was formed by bass player Lloyd Parks. The band featured many of the players who would go on to form The Revolutionaries.

The band was: Lloyd Parks – bass; with Sly Dunbar - drums before he started working with Robbie Shakespeare; Radcliffe 'Dougie' Bryan – guitar; & Ansel Collins - keyboards. Producer Lloyd Campbell worked primarily out of Randy's & North Parade at this time. Fighting Dub was released on the Love label, an English subsidiary of Jama Records.

Skin Flesh & Bones – Fighting Dub, Love LVO2, 1975.
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Side 1 –
Boxer Dub
Slavery Dub
Third Cut Dub
Jack Ruby Special
Scotch Dub

Side 2 –
In Tone Rock
Spider Man Web
Run Run Dub
Baby Face Dub
Harbour View Rock

As a bonus, I have added "Freedom" & "Dub Version" by rocksteady harmony trio The Inturns (another name for The Viceroys aka The Voiceroys – Wesley Tinglin, Lineal Williams, & Daniel Bernard), a Campbell collaboration with Lee 'Scratch' Perry, recorded at Black Ark in late 75.

The Inturns - Freedom b/w Dub Version, Dixiland, 1975.

Side  - Freedom

Side – Dub Version



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  2. A superior sipping scotch, I do believe. Just the tonic as I celebrate turning fifty. Make mine a dub-ble.

    Thanks, too, for the notes on provenance. Appreciated.

  3. From one Taurean to another, from brotha 2 brotha, young one.

    This one was called Scotch Dub for Ian from Spider Man but decided that was just to mushy/gurly.

    Sip on, MacDuff.