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26 April 2015

Now Wakes the Sea

Back in prehistoric times (it seems), when I was doing my musickal journey around this marble, I sailed at one point into the Enewetak Atoll. It is the second-westernmost atoll of the Ralik Chain of the Marshall Islands. I spoke of JG Ballard & The Terminal Beach on Eniwetok (referred to as "Eniwetok" until 1974, when the U.S. changed its official spelling to "Enewetak" along with many other Marshall Islands place names to more properly reflect their pronunciation by the Marshall Islanders). Between 1977 & 1980, a concrete dome was built on Runit Island to deposit radioactive soil & debris.

Now I present for your aural edification the soundtrack to the JG Ballard short story.

The release includes an 18 page A5 PDF booklet with detailed notes & photographs by Paul Wady (included here).

 Paul Wady – The Terminal Beach, Linear Obsessional Recordings, 2012.

Tracklist –
Arrival on Eniwetok
The Nuclear Bunker
Fission Alarms
The Blocks, Part One – Patter
The Blocks, Part Two – Rain Man
Homo Hydrogenesis
The Dark Undersea Organ (Alone at Last)
Soaring & Roaring
Goodbye Los Alamos
The Dead Japanese Man
Just Us & the Dead (Three at Once)
39 Seconds of Silence / Falling Burning Bombers / The End

This is the End,


  1. All it appears to lack is a lighthouse...

  2. hmmmm it's not working?.........

    1. working fine for me. any more issues, let me know. or try

  3. weird......no trouble with your other links, but this one keeps saying "temporary error, retrying". Anyway the archive link worked, thanks a lot!

  4. I really like this a lot! thanks

  5. I really like this a lot! thanks! I can't find anything else by him. Know of anything?

    1. I don't really know. He has a few other songs, for sure. He discovered he was autistic at the age of 41, having survived that long without being diagnosed, just having people think he was "weird". I know he has a song something like "Twitcher" about autism. You might check also The Paul Wady Experience.