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14 January 2022

More Damn Records

Mordam Records was a record distribution company founded by Ruth Schwartz (one of the original co-editors of Maximum RocknRoll) in San Francisco in 1983 as an independent punk distribution outlet.

Mordam was the exclusive distributor for dozens of punk rock & independent record labels throughout the 1980s & 90s, gaining a reputation as one of the more reputable distributors in the indie business. They released numerous samplers showcasing their wide roster of bands. This was their in-store playlist. 



Various - The In-Store Play Sampler, Mordam Records 1995.
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Magdalene – Alice Donut
Out of Control – Naked Aggression
Sioux City Debutante – Strawman
Hey Shadow – The Humpers
Panic – Bratmobile
Ultimate Violations – Spitboy
Rock & Roll Man – Tit Wrench
Together Dumb – Zipgun
I Left My Flannel in Seattle – Butt Trumpet
We Never Close – The Paper Tulips
Teeny Weeny Man – The Show Business Giants
Addiction – Tilt
Frayed –  Buzzov•en
The Gun & the Bible – Negativland
Not That Way – Ill Repute
Invasion of the Dragon Men – Man or Astro-Man?
Balderdash '93 – Victims Family
I'm so Restless – The Witch Doctors
Nine – Swiz
Windfall – One Man Runnung
I Don't Believe You – Parasite
Bob Says No! – Popdefect
Esta Bien Mamacita – El Vez
Shoe-in – Crackerbash
Rat Bite – Unwound
Wrecker! – The Mono Men
Goodbye to You – Screeching Weasel



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  2. Great comp!
    I used to order frequently from Mordam Records when I worked at a record store. Religiously read over their monthly catalogues. Great company and never had issues with them.

    1. All the indie bands that I worked with doing EAT POOP! shows said the same thing..."you can always trust Mordam”. They always advertised, delivered, & paid as promised. Who could ask for more.