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26 January 2022

Three Men in a Tub

A fairly recent one, going back down JA way for some early 1980s Bunny Lee productions. 


Various - Rubadub Revolution, Pressure Sounds PSCD104,2019.
decryption code in comments

Know Yourself Mankind – The Paragons
Lazer Beam (Nuff Stylee 12-inch mix) – Don Carlos & Papa Tullo
I Man Come Again – Johnny Clarke
Every Half is a Fraction – Papa Tullo
Bandulu (12-inch mix) – Cornell Campbell & Scientist
The Right Time (Boogie Down 12-inch mix) – Neville Brown & John Wayne
A Place Called Zion – The Paragons
Part 2 – Papa Tullo
Revolution Fighters – Simple Simon
Too Popular – Trevor Castell
Exterminator – Cornell Campbell

CD 2 -
George William Gordon – Simple Simon
Babylon No Badda Haul & Pull Me – Devon Edwards
People Cruel (12-inch mix) – Cornell Campbell & Errol Scorcher
Lay Down Flat – Devon Edwards
Lay Down Flat version – Professor
Gun Fever – Frankie Jones
Gun Fever version – Donovan Phillips
Spread Out (Purpleman a Go Boom it Up) – Don Carlos & Purpleman
Me & Janet – Badoo
Bawlin – Simple Simon



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  2. This looks really tasty. Love Pressure Sounds. Thanks again!

  3. No pressure...wait, yes pressure...I'm confused. I think I'm bawlin' like Simple Simon.