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18 January 2022

Now I’m Smelling a Distinctive Autuer of Vinyl

This is the 2008 release from LTM Records' acclaimed compilation series ''Auteur Labels''.  Here they cover Manchester imprint Object Music. 

Object Music was active between 1978 & 1981, pioneering Manchester post-punk scene. Object Music was founded by songwriter & deejay Steve Solamar to release records by his own group, Spherical Objects. The label soon began releasing records by other artists, many of them active in the Manchester Musicians' Collective.

Various - Auteur Labels Object Music 1978-1981, LTM LTMCD 2527, 2008.
decryption code in comments

The Kill
The Knot – Spherical Objects
Dreams of Desire
Queen of the Sea – Steve Miro & the Eyes
Stay Awake
10 Minutes – Grow Up
Façade – Alternomen Unlimited
Martial Time/ Martial Law - Warriors
Up & About
Smiling in Reverse – Steve Miro
Seventies Romance
Sweet Tooth – Spherical Objects
Fascinated by Time?
Nite Time – Contact
Troops Out
My One Request – The Passage
The Cake Shop Device – Manchester Mekon
Insects – IQ Zero
Affirmation of Existence/ Swept Away
Forewarned – Steve Solamar
The Mutant
Decision Time – The Noyes Brothers
Connections – Alternomen Unlimited



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  2. Oooh, good one! "Love Will Tear Us Apart" apparently borrows a melodic line or two from "The Cake Shop Device".

  3. Cake Shop Device 1979 - Love Will Tear Us 1980. Seems right as to who borrowed what. Thanks brother.