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24 September 2022

Poison Honey

Note: I haven't even had time to digest the newly arrived Horace Andy / Adrian Sherwood joint Midnight Scorchers & now The Mars Volta's latest self-titled showed up in yesterday's deliveries. You'll have to excuse me, I've got to go play with myself. Here's something sweet as a treat...neat...allreeet! 


Flykkiller is the brainchild of Pati Yang (Patrycja Grzymałkiewicz) & Stephen Hilton. Pati Yang is an acclaimed electronic artists from Poland, an electronic balladeer whose sirenesque tones & joy of experimentation in music have garnered her world-wide accolades. Her husband Stephen Hilton is a musical partner of David Holmes, is co-founder of The Free Association, has provided the beats behind many soundtracks (four James Bond movies, Ocean's 11, 12, & 13, Zoolander, Spiderman 2, more) & has produced albums for Pulp, Depeche Mode, & Trevor Horn. Stephen also co-wrote with Siouxsie Sioux her album Mantaray.   

Experiments in Violent Light is Flykkiller's only full length. Patti now fronts the Patti(extra t now?) Yang Group whose latest was 2019's War on Love. On EVL Pati whispers & wails enchanting songs hurled like threatening spells, each song a disturbed vignette out of a David Lynch evoking storyline. The underlying beats stutter through minimal & mechanical breaks with Electro finesse creating a synapse sizzling Electro Rock with soulful Gothic vocals & warped horror-soundtrack atmospheres.


Flykkiller - Experiments in Violent Light, Flykkllr Rerds FKK026, 2007.
decryption codes in comments

F E A R   
Sell My Pulse   
Shine Out   
Get All Pulled Out   
Controlled Environment   
B. Murphy   
Music for I2 Sounds   
Sleepless Night   
Flykkiller (David Holmes remix) 

Pati released a top-20 Trip-hop album in 1998 when she was only eighteen years old. I'm always a sucker for more Trip-hop with female vocals. See what you think.
Pati Yang - Jaszczurka, Columbia COL 491872 2, 1998.

3 Pati
Higher Perception
Nie Wroci
Moze Zapomni
Too Late
Empty Temple



  1. Flykkillers

  2. Dope as always , many thanks! Can confirm the horace andy record is excellent , managed to catch adrian sherwood this year , first gig post lockdown !

    1. Midnight Scorchers (& Midnight Rocker) is indeed excellent. Envy you seeing Adrian great way to celebrate the end of lockdown. Thanks, my friend.