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28 September 2022

Crash Course in Crash Course...Jump Over Barrels

Mining the vein of The Normal, I give you Crash Course in Science.

Crash Course In Science are a minimal synth post punk band that formed in 1979 in Philadelphia. The band members, Dale Feliciello, Mallory Yago, & Michael Zodorozny met while attending art school. Inspired by performance art & the punk scene, they began to write quirky songs about household items, utilizing extremely rudimentary drum machines, toy instruments, & kitchen appliances augment the distorted guitar, drums and synthesized beats.

I posted their first single, Crash Course in Science - Cakes in the Home (1979) here & their 4-song 12" EP Signals from Pier Thirteen (1981) here.

I thougt everyone might like a bit more. After years without hearing from CCiS, in 2005 Mr Sam (Samuel Joël Paquet) appearred featuring the resurrected Crash Course in Science with Flying Around. Since then a slew of singles & two full-lengths (2011 & 2017) have been released.

I'm sticking with the shorts. 


    Mr Sam featuting Crash Course in Science - Flying Around 12",
    Black Hole Recordings Black Hole 191-5, 2005.

Side A -
Flying Around (Mojado Vision)

Side B -
Flying Around (Dimitri Andreas remix)
Flying Around (album version) 




Crash Course in Science - Cardboard Lamb 12", Planete Rouge Records PLR07001, 2007.

Side A -
Cardboard Lamb (Transducer mix)
Cardboard Lamb (original Club mix)

Side B -
Cardboard Lamb (Vitalic mix)
Cardboard Lamb (David Carretta mix)
Crash Course in Science - Flying Turns 12", From Jupiter Recordings jup05, 2009.

Side A -
Flying Turns (Terence Fixmer remix)
Flying Turns (original mix)

Side B -
Flying Turns (Danton Eeprom remix)
Flying Tirns (CCiS remix)

Side A -
Jump Over Barrels
Jump Over Barrels (1981 demo)

Side B -
Jump Over Barrels (Charles Manier remix)
Jump Over Barrels (early rehearsal version)

Yeah, I said the short ones, but when I was previewing these with a friend of mine (a Crash Course in Science fan), he said it was good but his favorite has always been 2011s Near Marineland. One of my all-time faves of their, "Jump Over Barrels (remix)" is on this disc. So as per his suggestion, here goes. 

Near Marineland    
Second Glance    
It Cost's to Be Austere    
No More Hollow Doors    
Force the Habit    
Someone Reads    
Jump Over Barrels    
Pompeii Spared    
Near Marineland (remix)    
Second Glance (remix)
Jump Over Barrels (remix)



  1. Hey Nathan currently downloading this proposal seduced by your description.
    On another topic, worried about Bill Laswell's situation I found after some search
    that the response to his economical needs was immediate as is the global appreciation for his art.
    Not being in the position to help personally (barely acquired some secondhand records in the last two years) I felt very happy that people cares about Bill and makes things happen.
    Jon Hassell was in the same dire situation but he died before the assistance was the neccesary one, for one reason or another.
    Finding his original records was always a challenge and a pleasure down here in Argentina.
    These guys certainly make the world a better place.
    Cheers and the usual thanks for keeping the train rolling.

  2. Diego, thanks for your usual clear insight shining it's light on the Globality of music.

    The outpouring to support for Bill has been incredible. He has been able to pay the Covid-lockdown back rent on his Orange Music studio, relocated his housing to a hotel (temp.), Airbnb for a month, & has now moved to a home on the upper side of Manhattan. His health is improving & he has started playing bass again. He received medication to alleviate some of the pain in his fingers & was able to play two night for a Praxis show in NYC recently. He is teaching himself new (to him) techniques to make playing easier, including using a bass pick.

    Not everyone need contribute monetarily. Everyone has their own life to survive. The fact that you care & say so in your comment & hold the thoughts of Bill's well-being in your heart is what makes this goodness happen. That ability to love someone we don't necessarily even know other than through their gift of music to us is what unites us all. It is the reason I do this thing I do.