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16 June 2024

Musick that Needed Work - P: Pow Wows


Started in 2010, the Pow Wows are out of Toronto, Ontario: Chris (guitar & vocals) & Jon (drums) McCann, Ryan Rothwell (bass & vocals). They're garage punks. They're on the preeminent Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's garage punk label Get Hip

Chock full of addictive hooks, hot-wired fuzz guitars, & pounding rhythms that hearken back to the underworld of  60s Garage & 70s Punk while remaining undeniably fresh and modern.


Pow Wows - Shock Corridor 7", Get Hip Recordings GH258, 2013.
decryption code in comments

Side a -
Shock Corridor
Side B -
First World Rag

This P's for U,


  1. Shock Corridor 7“

  2. Ah, perhaps these mintrels will sooth my jangled nerves.

  3. If you mean soothe in a rawking way, then this should do it.