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19 June 2024

Musick that Needed Work - P: Pye Corner Audio


Pye Corner Audio is a moody, retro-futuristic project of British hauntology musician Martin Jenkins. 


Pye Corner Audio explores majestic, cinematic electronica that evokes sci-fi soundtracks, dystopian futures, & the sound of haunted dance floors. 


Pye Corner Audio - Black Mill Tapes Volume 1: Avant Shards, self-released pca001, 2010.
all decryption codes in comments

Transmission One: Lonesome Vale    
We Have Visitors    
Folk Festival    
Electronic Rhythm Number Three    
A Dark Door    
Theme Number Four    
Electronic Rhythm Number Eight    
Building Twelve, Room One    
Theme Number Nine    
Transmission Three: Briar Lane    

Mirror Sequence    
Electronic Rhythm Number Seven    
Transmission Four: Crooked Hill    
Electronic Rhythm Number Four    
Through the Kings Wood    
Theme Number Six    
Toward Light    
Sine Times Nine    
Ecneuqes Rorrim

Pathway Six    
Electronic Rhythm Number Five    
Transmission Seven:Pathways Open    
Inside the Wave    
Memory Wiped    
Building Obscured by Mist    
Electronic Rhythm Number One    
Hexden Channel    
Transmission Two:Pathways Closed
Electronic Rhythm Number Eighteen (Retransferred by the Advsory Circle)
Theme Number Eight

Transmission Five:The Old Place    
Dystopian Vector Part One    
Transmission Thirteen:Line of Sight    
Electronic Rhythm Number Nine    
Theme Number Seven    
Electronic Rhythm Number Two    
Electronic Rhythm Number Twelve    
Transmission Nine:Black Light    
Void Bound    
Dystopian Vector Part Two    
Evil Surrounds    
Cont No Stop

This P's for U,


  1. Avant Shards
    Do You Synthesize?
    All Pathways Open
    Dystopian Vectors

  2. Thanks NØ. I desperately want to like Pye but couldn't really enjoy Hollow Earth or Let's Emerge. I suppose I want my hauntology to be more James Kirby. I will listen to these with more humility.

    1. These four seem different to me from Hollow Earth, but my idea of hauntology leans more toward Burial, so go figure. This was just something I wanted to share as I was finishing up the P file. Let me know what you think about these.

    2. Disclaimer!!!! My opinions are worthless!! To my mind however, Jenkins sounds like an engineer (!!) rather than an artist. There are some sparks of creativity but none of them progress. If I'm in the mood for Dark Ambient then I'll usually dip into the gloomy depths of Cryo Chamber or The Caretaker.
      As for Bevan, he peaked too soon with Untrue. Even Hyperdub don't want him anymore. Street Halo was the last thing I liked. Dreamfear was plain awful. But hey, what do I know? I haven't sold one single record :(

    3. No disclaimer needed. No one's opinions are worthless. They are, after all, just opinions. I always welcome yours. I believe MJ is more than simply an soundboard engineer. I believe he has actual burst of true genius, but that he is not the "greatest of all times". I tend to ignore his later work as boring, but still find enjoyment & inspiration in these early Black Mill Tapes.

      As for WEB, I guess I was too vague in my comment. I meant Burial (self-titled). I am always entertained & intrigued by its uniqueness whenever I give it a spin.

  3. Thanks N0 -- recently discovered Hauntology with the big "Ghost Box" collection recently. Really like what I've heard so far so thank you for these additional PCA collections.

    1. These are a bit earlier than PCA's involvement with Ghost Box. Think you'll enjoy these if you like the Ghost Box stuff.

  4. Good to see this here.
    Very interesting stuff