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23 June 2024

Some More Poppycock - Blurt part 2

Disappointed with the reception of Blurt, Ted & crew worked tirelessly on a new album while shopping around for a new label that would capture their sound more precisely.This would be the final Blurt release with the original line-up. After this release, Peter Creese (who had been dubbed The Human Loop by fans) would part ways with Blurt. 


Blurt - Bullets for You, Divine DIV584, 1984
all decryption codes in comments

This Side -
Bullets For You
Enemy Ears
Deep-Frozen Heart

The Other Side -
Kill Time
The Little Death
The Prayer

Next up was another live album, Friday the 12th, recorded at the Limelight in Kortrijk, Belgium on October 12, 1984. About this time Jake Milton also exited the group. Now made up of Ted, Steve Eagles (guitar), & Paul Wigens (drums), Blurt returned to the studio & recorded Poppycock
Blurt - Poppycock, Toeblock TBL002, 1986.

Side 1 -
Smug Hills
Man to Fly
The Flags

Side 2 -
Domain of Dreams
Down in the Argentine
Hurrah, Die Butter ist Alle!
Niagara Falls

Many personnel changes, many albums, many side-projects followed. The last five albums from Blurt have been live recordings from various eras. The most recent date is Cut It! Live recorded in 2017 with a 70+ years young Ted Milton. The band's last studio release was 2015s Beneath Discordant Skies with Milton & Eagles joined by David Ayleward on drums.
Blurt - Beneath Discordant Skies, Salamander NEWTCD3, 2015.

Let Them Be!    
Giant Lizards on High    
I Wan See Ella    
Where's the Blue Gone?    
Fresh Meat for Martyrs    
Stella by Arc Light
O! Look Who's Out on Parole!    
Listen to Me, Shirley!    
Beneath Discordant Skies    
They'll Be Here Soon!

Next time: Ted's other excellent adventures...


  1. Bullets fror You
    Beneath Discordant Skies

  2. Many thanks for the Blurt posts - excellent! Do you happen to have the "Celebrating the Bespoke Cell of Little Ease" album or the Ted Milton album "Magic Moments". Have been looking for those for quite some time.

    1. Here's a link to Celebrating...

      Blurt - Celebrating the Bespoke Cell of Little Ease


      for Moments, check out part 3 - Ted's Other Excellent Adventures...

  3. Excellent Stuff. Thanks for this

    1. Most welcome. Thanks for commenting.