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06 November 2013

El Salvador

Here's what I believe to be in my honest opinion Mike ‘ Boogaloo’ Hernandez's most danceable album. Fabulous 70s salsa from Mike whose band went under the names Sonora Casino & Orquesta Casino 77.

This is good jazzy descarga & hard salsa tracks, grooving, fantastic, sizzling hot Latin numbers with vocals by Marcelino Morales. They recorded on the Parnaso & Seeco labels. & this is one hot cover.

Orquestra Casino 77 de Mike Hernandez – Self-titled, Parnaso Records P LPS 1157, 1974.
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Side One –
El Doloroso
Lloraras Por Mi
Conga y Bongo
Para Pinones
Songoro Cosongo

Side – Two –
Maria Lao
Hueso y Pellejo
Medley (No Puedo ser Feliz - En Las Tinieblas)
Broadway de Noche


This is the story of one of the first rock bands in El Salvador & the human capacity to overcome adversity.

José Vicente ‘Chente’ Sibrián is the probably the most important person on the Salvadoran metal & rock scene, By many he is considered a living legend. In 2011 the El Salvadoran government named the former guitarist of the rock group Broncco “Noble Artist of El Salvadorin honor of his career in their country’s music.

Vincent Sibrián was born in Santa Tecla, El Salvador on March 23, 1948, the son of Vincent & Adelia Sibrián . At the age of one he was stricken with poliomyelitis, a disease that left him in a wheelchair for his entire life. However, ‘Chente’ did not surrender to his condition. As he grew older, he had a dream of being a musician in a rock & roll band. 

Chente taught himself to play the harmonica, guitar, & bass. In 1967 he started the band Thorns & was in that group until they split up in 1972. In 1974 along with his sister Gemma he formed a new band B’Rock (also known as Broncco).

In 1996 Chente’s paralysis had progressed to the point he couldn't continue playing. At that point the band split up. He opened a music school to teach a whole new generation of young people music. He works tirelessly supporting the Salvadoran rock & metal scene. He also hosts the radio show Hablando de Rock on Astral 94.9.

On October 27, 2012 at the International Center for Fairs & Conventions (CIFCO) at 222 Avenida La Revolucion, San Salvador, El Salvador as part of the Oktober Fest celebration, Broncco took the stage for a sold-out reunion show.

Still rockin’.

Broncco are: Oscar Serrano – vocals; Rene Lopez – lead guitar; Vicente Sibrián vocals, guitar, & bass; Gemma Sibrián guitar; & Gerardo Sibrián drums.

Broncco – B’Rock, Primera Generación, 1996.

Tracklist –

Estamos Aqui
Vendedor de Sueños
Tiempo de Amanecer
Quema Nuclear
Asfalto y Tierra
No es un Sueño
Miradas a tu Alrededor
Una Luz en el Cielo
No Estes Solo
El Grito de la Noche
Ya no Estas
Esa Voz
Cielo Sobre Cielo
Esto es Rock

Rock on


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