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25 November 2013

Scarred for Life

Johnette Napolitano – Scarred, Hybrid Recordings HY 20052-2, 2007.
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Tracklist –

The Scientist
Poem for a Native
My Diane
Just like Time
Save Me
Like a Wave
Crazy Tonight
Everything for Everyone
All Tomorrow’s Parties
I’m up Here



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  2. Thank you! I've not heard this, nor knew of its existence. Her voice FLOORED ME twenty years ago or so when Bloodletting came out. Tomorrow Wendy still gives me the chills. Never did get to see them live. I'm glancing at the tracklist, is this a covers record? Just checked... no, just a couple.

    1. CB was definitely a great band. Joey was the big hit off Bloodletting, but Tomorrow Wendy was the song I really dug, as well (Prieboy from Wall of Voodoo song). There's a Shout Factory 2010 reissue (20th Anniversary) with bonus tracks that includes a live version of TW.

  3. Thanks for this. I was to be turned on to CB from the first album, but yeah, Tomorrow Wendy was (and remains) CRUSHING.

    Johnette's voice, man, yeah.