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05 November 2013


Started this journey with a few examples of Scandinavian metal as we made our way into Europe. Added a taste more in the middle (east) of our travels & got some gooey gobs of fundamentalist shite thrown at me. Thought I better post up at least one or two examples of metal from the Latin American view (sure there’ll be some from Mexico, they love their metal there).

Delirium is a Honduran heavy/trash metal band. Formed in 1990 under the name of Delirium Tremens, they made their debut at the famous concert at the San Miguel Salesiano Institute in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa. They originally played covers of bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, & Black Sabbath.

Starting in 1991 the band began writing their own material. They recorded a 3 song demo that received good airplay on the now defunct radio station Stereo Amistad. In 1993 the band released the songs “Cruz Blanca” & “El Elegido” which got great exposure on radio stations in Tegucigalpa & San Pedro Sula. The two songs went on to reach #1 on the Honduran metal music charts.

In the year of 1995 they released their first full length recording, the self-titled Delirium Tremens. They completely sold out the entire run of this initial release. In 1998 they recorded their second album, Xibalba. At this time they shortened their name to Delirium as a nod to their fans who at live shows would chant, “Delirium! Delirium! Delirium!”.

The name of the second album comes from the ancient legend of the K'iche' Maya mythology. Xibalba  roughly translates as ‘place of fear’. It is the name of the underworld ruled by the Mayan death gods & their helpers (from the Popul Vuh). This legend is about the struggle of two brothers who defeat the Lords of Xibalba (demons). Delirium wanted to show the constant struggle humans have to fight with their own inner demons. Demons we all face daily, such as violence, envy, fear, & so on, which we have to face & overcome, the constant struggle between good & evil. On this release the group was involved in every phase: the production; recording; editing; reproduction; printing; packaging; & distribution in music stores.

On Xibalba, Delirium are: Gilberto Ruiz – vocals; Fernando Lezama – guitar & back vocals; Rolando Lopez – guitar; Juan Sebastian Lainez – bass; & Alberto Martinez – drums & backing vocals.

Delirium – Xibalba, self-released, 1999.
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Tracklist –
Los Señores De Xibalbá
Azul Enfermo
A Cada Paso
Cruz Blanca
En Decadencia
Hombres de Verde


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