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24 November 2013

The Dogs are out Tonight, Matty Luv

Yogurt – The Blood Unbinds the Dragon cassette tapes, unreleased, 1993-2002. 
decryption code in comments

Tracklist –

Come Into My Mind
Marry Me
Zero Return
Serramonte Mall
The Roar of the Wookie
Yogurt Vol. 4 Intro (Yogurt of Confusion)
Asti Spumante
Corduroy & Forsaken
Goddamn Dog
Egg Salad Girl
Til the Day I Die
Daniel Boon
Gardener of Eden
Shit Goddamn
Lady Naugahyde Rots in the Slam
Ay Carumba
A Man’s Gotta Do What a Man’s Gotta Do
Lay it On!!!
Everything Tends Towards Disorder
Small Town Boy
These Crossed Eyes
Lacy’s Sunshine pt. 1
YMCA Swimming Pool
Lacy’s Sunshine pt. 2
Theme from ‘Bandito del Amor’
Bullet for My Head
Snot on My Tie
Surfin’ I.B.O.W. (Iommi Butler Osbourne Ward)
Ol’ Hogan’s Goat
Prozac pt. 1
Bigfoot Country
Rock Song #2,216
Talk about Cars
Rock Song #2,316 reprise
I’m not Afraid of Chemicals
Ivy League Clown Fight Song
David Coverdale’s Hair
Road Called Shame
Capn’ Matty’s Seafood Shanty
Feed Me
Even the Dogshit Tastes Good
Monsters Everywhere
Too Close to the Fucking Sun
Lacy’s Sunshine pt. 3
Real Men Cook Their Heroin in the Belly of a Goat
My Lady Friend
Roller Derby
End of the World
Rise & Fall
Taxi Cab del Muerte
Revolution 9.5
Revolution 10.0
Break My Bones
Plastic Jesus
Prom Night Evisceration
Sitting on a Porch in Georgia
Dance of the Molecules
The Dogs are out Tonight
Reno pt. 2


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