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02 November 2013


Can't delay this vacation's end any longer. This is the final countdown...only ten countries left & I'll have made it around the world in musick. There were times when I was mightily apprehensive, but it looks like I'm gonna make it. Thanks to everyone who has come along for the journey & thanks to all of you who are still somewhere behind out there, checking things out. Without further delay...

We touch down in Panama & at once realize what a transitional land it is, situated between South & North Americas, eastern sea & western ocean, Afro-Latin jazz & funky US soul.

Panama! focuses on the fertile 1960s & 70s, & showcases this variety & versatility of styles & temperaments perfectly. The compilation begins with the strong descarga jam led by sax-man Jose ‘Chombo’ Silva. With his Sonny Rollins tone, Silva lays down a rhythmic Antillean Beguine as Rafael Labasta adds searing Cuban-style trumpet to the hot rhythm pounded out by piano, upright bass, & percussion. It’s Afro-Cuban/Puerto Rican/Salsa jazz at its finest.

There are other directions represented, too: soul-funk workouts exemplified by the likes of The Exciters, Los Fabulosos Festivals, & Los Mozambiques; Papi Brandau Y Sus Ejecutivos’s accordion-driven cumbia; Los Silvertones’s smooth mento; or Lord Cobra’s Calypso classic “Rocombey” with its tale of love & Voodoo .

Soundways has released Panama!2 & Panama!3 as well, check them out.

Soundway SNDWCD007, 2006.
all decryption codes in comments

Tracklist –

Panama esta bueno y…Ma - Los Exagerados
Exciters Theme – The Exciters
Nana Nina – Bush y sus Magnificos
Soy solo para ti – Victor Boa y su Musica
Maltrato – Freddy y sus Afro Latinos
Viva Panama – Papi Brandao y sus Ejecutivos
Old Buzzard – Los Silvertones
El Mensaje – Los Fabulosos Festivals
New Bag – The Exciters
Descarga Tentacion – Bolita y su Tentacion Latina
Con los Caballeros – Los Caballeros de Colon
Let Me Do My Thing – Los Dinamicos Exciters (feat. Ralph Weeks)
Viva Tirado – Los Mozambiques
Mambologia – Maximo Rodriguez y sus Estrella Panamenas
Rocombey – Lord Cobra & Pana-Afro Sounds

Here is a few extra bonus cuts from bands featured on Panama! that you might like.
Bush y Su Combo los Magnificos’ “Los Magnificos” is a deep guaguanco complete with rolling piano, mighty horns, & vocals from Chombo Castro. The flip-side of "Nana Nina".

Three more tunes from Los Exciters. These are from Lo Mejor de los Dinamicos Exciters LP from some time in the 70s.

Tracks –
Say Amor
Puerto Rico

If you want to listen to an ultra rare mix of Panama Soul, check out Lowridin’ Round the Isthmus over at Adam Dunbar’s Musica del Alma blog.


Carlos Garnett is a Panamanian jazz saxophonist, composer, arranger, & jazz group leader. Garnett was born on December 1, 1938, in Red Tank, Panama Canal Zone. He became interested in jazz music after hearing Louis Jordan's & James Moody’s music in film shorts. He taught himself to play the saxophone as a teenager & played for soldiers from the nearby United States Army base. In 1957 he started playing in calypso & Latin music groups.  He has gone on to international fame. He played in Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers, with Charlie Mingus, & Miles Davis.

On Black Love, the musicians are: Carlos Garnett – vocals & tenor, alto, & soprano saxophone; Reggie Lucas – electric guitar; Charles Sullivan – trumpet; Mauricio Smith – flute; Onaje Allan Gumbs – piano; Alex Blake & Buster Williams – bass; James Mtume – congas; Guilherme Franco – percussion; & Jabali-Billy Hart & Norman Connors – drums; with Ayodele Jenkins & Dee Dee Bridgewater – vocals & backing vocals; & Carlos Chambers – yodeling on “Mother of the Future”.

 Carlos Garnett – Black Love, Muse Records MR 5040, 1974.

Side A –
Black Love
Banks of the Nile

Side B –
Mother of the Future
Taurus Woman



  1. Panama!
    extra Magnificos
    extra Exciters
    Carlos Garnett

  2. Cual es el password de mega?

    1. Los códigos de descifrado se enumeran en los comentarios.
      Como ejemplo, para Magnificos:
      es el código de descifrado.
      Sólo tienes que copiar el código de 43 letras, siga el enlace a MEGA y pegar el código cuando se le solicite.

  3. Antes que nada ¡Gracias por los subir esta música en mega! Oye amigo podrías subir el Panama!2 ¿? Saludos.

    1. Gracias por las amables palabras, mi amigo. Voy a mirar a través de mi música y ver qué más tengo de Panamá. Si encuentro algo de música interesante, yo lo haré Panamá 2.

    2. Here are some links...Vol.2 & Vol.3

      Various – Panama!2
      Various – Panama!3