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07 November 2013


Well, down to the final five...

Alux Nahual is a Guatemalan Rock en Español band formed in 1979 by brothers Alvaro & Paulo ‘Plubio’ Aguilar along with their cousin Ranferí Aguilar. Alux Nahual (Espíritu del Duende in Spanish or Spirit of the Goblin in English) is a K'iche' Maya phrase naming a goblin similar to a leprechaun or elf. The band's climax came in 1995 while performing in a sold-out show at Los Angeles Palace. After that they stopped touring & basically only did studio work. They officially disbanded in 1999 to work on solo projects.

In the year 2006 they had a reunion tour, to raise funds to help the victims of Hurricane Stan that affected certain regions of Guatemala in 2005. The band has remained active since.

The band could very well be the best rock band Guatemala or all of Central America has produced. Their style is characterized by the incorporation of classic instruments like the cello & the flute to rock tunes, ballads, & traditional folk songs. They also blend into their music elements of progressive rock.

This is prog rock of the highest order, sung in Spanish with classical Central American themes. Their studio albums are very hard to find, but there are compilations like Leyenda I, or Antología 1 & Antologia 2 that are usually still available.

On Americamorfosis, Alux Nahual are: Álvaro Aguilar – vocals & acoustic guitar; Ranferí Aguilar – guitar, acoustic guitar, & backing vocals; Paulo Alvarado – cello & keyboards; Óscar Conde - flute, saxophone, & keyboards; Plubio Aguilar – bass, guitar, & backing vocals; & Lenín Fernández – drums. Band members are well versed musicians & often switch instruments in live performances from piano to guitar, etc.

Alux Nahual – Americamorfosis, Sony International, 1993.
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Tracklist –

El Gigante del Jardín (de Altras)
Del Suelo se Suele Aprender
El Trovador de la Noche
La Plegaria del Hombre Lobo
Alma Verde
¿Qué me pasó?
Niños de Maíz
500 Años


The idea of ​​Hot Sugar Mama was born between late 2008 & early 2009 when Carlos ‘Charli’ Springmuhl was practicing the guitar & his friend Francisco ‘Francis’ Rodriguez started singing along. They began improvising songs & decided to start a band. While searching for a bass player & drummer, they continued writing songs & practicing. They enlisted Sebastian ‘The Dude’ del Buey to play bass. Then in early 2009 they met drummer Luis ‘El Pelon’ Alvarez. After the first song the four played, they knew the chemistry was right for creating their style of music, & Hot Sugar Mama became a reality.

Because of the variety of musical influences the four had, they play a singular & original sound that breaks all the rules of what is supposed to be the Guatemalan music. Their songs combine rock, funk, & reggae with salsa & Latin rhythms like bossa nova. They call their style funkydelic rock.

Their first gig was in August 2009 in Papazitos Pizza Bar at 12 Calle, Guatemala City. Since then they have played a series of concerts & shows, sharing the stage at the Surf Music Fest '09. So far they have only released this demo EP.

Tracklist –
Feelin’ the Rhythm
No Babosa
The Young Blackout
As a Kite


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