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21 September 2023

Dubtember 21


Nick Manasseh is one of my go-to Dubmasters. 

Here's one that finds him teamed up with classically trained violin/viola virtuoso Praise. This is the culmination of their work together over the last ten+  years. It follows their 2011 single "Matter of Struggle". 


Manasseh - Meets Praise, Roots Garden Records, 2020.
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Yes Mic
Dub with a Difference featuring Earl 16 & Vin Gordon
Circus Clown featuring Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee
Ice Man Talking
London Babylon
Nathan the Prophet featuring Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee
Zadok the Priest
No More Struggle

Newcomer to NSS today is Xterminator All Stars. Dancehall producer Philip "Fatis" Burrell started the highly successful labels Exterminator & Vena Recordings which evolved into the Xterminator label. The All Stars were Burrell's riddim unit.

These All Stars are: Robbie Lyn & Steven Stanley - keyboards; Robbie Shakespare & Donald Dennis - bass; Dean Fraser - saxophone; Sly Dunbar & Melbourne Miller - drums. 
Xterminator All Stars - Dub Down Babylon, Xterminator XTM 0012-2, 1999.

Roots & Culture
Fire it is Blazing
Psalms 25
Burn Satan
Jah Guide Us
Oh Jah
Can't be No One Else
She's Like the Roses
Why Boast?
Where are Your Kings
What is Your Purpose
When Man on Earth
Jah Lead Our Way
Life Circle

Dub Onward,

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