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25 September 2023

Dubtember 25

That whole Jammy thing yesterday got under my collar. 

Imma let the King mash it...from the top. 


King Tubby - Mash it from the Top, Bunny Lee, 2016.
decryption codes in comments

Dub fi Zion
Killa of Soundboys
Dub a Drop
Dub fi Waterhouse
Dub a Farm
Green Dub
Baby Dub
Dub a Shine
Lazer Dub
Bordering on Dub
Dubby  Conqueror
Right Dub
Loser's Best
Babylon Blow Down
Love Woman Dub
Experience Dub
Truth Dub
Look a Dis version
Feel Love Dub
Dub a Roots
Tubby Fine Style

Now that I got that out of my system, let's move on to Jerry Harris.

In 1974 Jerry left Jamaica for New York where he joined The Stepping Stone Band. After which, he stepped to The Reckless Breed & The New Breed Band. He backed up Burning Spear on his first US tour. This subsequently lead to Harris supporting such acts as Richie Heavens, Sugar Minott, Ken Boothe, The Blues Busters, & numerous other artists in popular venues around the US.

With this experience firmly under his belt, Jerry wanted to further his musical talents by performing solo with his own compositions. His first album I'm For You was released by Bullwackie on Wackies Records in 1982.

Since then Wackies has reissued it twice as I'm for You...I'm for Me. First reissue had five tracks from the original with their accompaning Dub versions. The second reissue included these ten track with three additional bonus tracks. I'm sharing that version here.
Jerry Harris - I'm for You...I'm for Me, Wackies DKR-180, 2015.

Spreading All Over
Spreading Dub
One More Time
One More Version
Without Me
Without Me Version
It's About Time
Time Version
Wackie Music
Wackie Version

bonus tracks -
We Got to Live Better
Too Much Religion
Religious Dub

Dub Onward,


  1. Mash it from the Top
    I’m for You...I’m for Me

  2. Wackies non stop!!!Thanks NØ!!!

    1. Can't ever get too much Wackies. Wack on!