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Slinging tuneage like some fried or otherwise soused short-order cook

10 October 2007

By the time the ByProducts recorded this 7" (March 1992) at House of Faith with Bart on board, they had gone from the original trio of Doug Gwosdz on Guitar, Craig Parrotte on bass & vocals, & Billy Ko on drums & vocals to the fearless foursome of Otto Destruct (Frank Sheridan) on verbal assault, Dug Six-Pack (Doug Gwosdz) on six-strung, Food King (Craig Parrotte) on bass in your face, & Fudgie D. Clown (Phil Christ) as beatmeister. The disc is orange transparent vinyl & the package includes cover art & six page comic by noted cartoonist & poster artist Mark Ritch (another EAT POOP! alum).

If I Could Just Remember - The ByProducts
It's a Good Thing - The ByProducts
Rock with a Glock - The ByProducts
True Love - The ByProducts


  1. Yeah, it's gettin' crazee.
    Sullivan left a message on the Marsugi's page about
    Darryl, & Mike's pic for his
    myspace is a cat.
    I replied to his message:

    Sullivan, You Pervert...

    Put the cat down.
    Just put the cat down!

  2. A dood?
    Your guess is as good as...

  3. Ha, disregard my last comment here it is. Would you mind terribly if I put this on the hearse some time? It's a good thing.

  4. Holy creeping batshit... the memories.. the memories. I didn't want to be evil. I thought I was working for good things. I wanted to make the world a better place... by putting the inner workings of my brain into lyrics and music. Yes... I wanted to be a child of light... but I was just another slave of the dark side, serving the forces of chaos and evil.

    I didn't ask to be born... it's not easy to have to live in the carcass you find yourself in. Apologies to everyone and anyone. I didn't mean to leave all those lives destroyed in my wake. Those faces that haunt me in my nightmares...

    And yet, still after all of that, some good memories. Was it all really that long ago? Why am I not dead yet? Can't I get anything right? DAMMIT.

    See you on the dark side,
    Otto Destrukt