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17 October 2007

The Third Secret

This Post was re-uploaded 01/07/2014. 
Enjoy, NØ.

Nathan Nothin' here!

Was posting all the many connections to House of Faith & Bart Thurber so I decided I would put up some music that Bart played on. I picked three tracks from Whipping Boy's third album  The Third Secret of Fatima.

Whipping Boy was a punk band from Palo Alto, California. The band formed in 1982, made up of students from Stanford University. Their first release was The Sound of No Hand Clapping. Their sound featured lightning-fast melodies, tight, chunky rhythms, & violently incoherent vocals. They espoused a radically
anti-government view. The band enjoyed moderate success, & a national tour in 1983 was capped by the release of the psychedelic MuruMuru. This abrupt change in style was not welcomed by Whipping Boy's fanbase. After several personnel changes & the release of another record, The Third Secret of Fatima,
the band broke up in 1986.

Over the course of their last two albums, WHIPPING BOY had moved from straight-forward punk into something a little less defined. The Third Secret of Fatima still has an air of mystery about it. The vocals have a number of influences, inlcuding BIRTHDAY PARTY, VIRGIN PRUNES, & PSYCHIC TV, but these don't get in the way of the band's changing progressions.

Incendiary front man Eugene Robinson went on to front the avant-garde noise-rock band OXBOW.

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Five Song Side -

Lavender Girl
Daddy's Gone
Rain Dance

Six Song Side -

The Third Secret
Shade of Grey
Something Wrong
Talk to Me

hidden track - untitled



  1. Thanks a lot for posting those Whipping Boy songs up - I've been trying to get hold of MuruMuru and Three Secrets... for ages but no luck - so this was good to hear!

    If you have any other songs uploaded please let me know.



  2. Hey, thanks for these tracks its a great blog you have here. Do you have any more of these Whipping Boy tracks to share? Or do you know somewhere I can get a hold of them for real? thanks a lot if you can

  3. Nathan, I was wondering if you have the tracks from The Third Secret of Fatima? If so, would you be so kind to share with me. I have been desperately seeking this damn album for ages and it has been my holy grail so to speak.
    Kenny/Days Of Our Youth

  4. send me $20 and it's yours.

    P.O. BOX 19271
    STANFORD, CA 94309


  5. MWGA decryption code

  6. THANK YOU!!!