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23 October 2007

Harass Mike S.

Nathan Nothin' here with a song, a sentiment to
my heart of hearts...

In keeping with the Marsugis theme & the Gary Singh
connection, heres a little ditty called Harass Mike S.
by The Gas Chamber Orchestra. I had the pleasure of
being present at numerous Gas Chamber Orchestra
performances at San Jose State & other various venues.

All I can say is that if you never witnessed their
evil genius, these recording only scratch the surface
of this great art/music/noise collective.
This track is taken from the It's All a Blur cassette.

The Gas Chamber Orchestra here is:
Mike Andrade
Mark Grey
Gary Singh
Ryan H. Torchia

About Harass Mike S. - for those of you just visiting
here & not familiar with Marsugis or the InSane Jose
music scene Mike S. was the illustrious band booker &
door nazi (I was just informed by anonymous commenter
that Mike was never door nazi...I stand corrected)
at Marsugis for a time. This song is about

From the tapes liner notes:
Harass Mike S.
"Originally recorded in November of 1992, this studio
piece was revived a few months later to coincide
with the closing of Marsugis. Voice courtesy of
John Walton."

& at the time we thought it might be our last chance to
harass Mike Sullivan. Thankfully NO!


  1. Now Jerry...I was many things,but I never was a door nazi *LOL*
    how about a blog about Darryl,your amazing cat?
    and Fudgie moved to Pittsburgh?I hope he is doing well....

  2. That is so bizarre! I clearly recall John Walton saying that, but I have no memory of the location or circumstances...

  3. Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! All hail the South First Street Gestapo