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06 October 2007

Maybe I'm Just Trippin'

Nathan Nothin here!

Started celebrating Octoberfest this weekend
- kept things fluid 'til I couldn't see straight...
decided I'd switch to solid fuel.
Now I can't do anything...
well, you know...

Maybe I'm just trippin'...

The Trip - B'N'B
Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya - Dr. John, the Night Tripper
Spooky (Night Tripper mix) - New Order
Night Tripper - Marc Cianciola
Night Tripper - Sandman
Future Trippers - Abandon Ship
Spaceship Trippers - Nomad
The Zone - The Cow Trippers
Psychedelic (Tripper remix) - Lunchbox
Trip Like I Do - The Crystal Method
Trip to the Nitrous Oasis - Hyaline
Anamdamide - Bardo Pond
Night Tripperz - Felix Da Housecat

Enjoy the trip,

Chocolate contains about 400 different compounds that can
affect mood and anxiety. These molecules selectively cause
the release of chemicals, such as serotonin, endorphins, and
phenylethylamine. Chocolate is often said to be the most
commonly craved food in the world.

Several bioactive compounds in chocolate can theoretically
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anamdamide, which mimics a cannabinoid.

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